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Because supervision is for life, not just for accreditation...! By Anne Calleja

by sueb | 15-05-2017

It’s Monday morning 8.00 am and I am going through information one of my supervisees has sent me in preparation for our call later today…..


What do my breakfast and my supervision have in common? By Sue Stockdale

by sueb | 15-05-2017

No two coaching clients are the same. Just like no two mornings are the same for me. And if we get into a habit of assuming that things are always the same, we can fall into the same patterns of behaviour, which may not be effective.


Ski-Vision by Henry Campion

by sueb | 14-05-2017

For me, supervision is like skiing - and I love skiing.


A Day In The Life Of...

by sueb | 09-05-2016

Introduction to a series of blogs written by Coaching Supervisors with the AC


The Five Minute Interview: Bradford Co-coaching Forum - Happy 10th Year Anniversary

by sueb | 12-09-2016

By Angela Dunbar and Liz Ford. This summer saw the celebration of a special anniversary. Liz told me that the Bradford co-coaching forum held their first meeting in June 2006, and on 9th June this year, they had a very special co-coaching occasion. Angela Dunbar interviews Liz Ford to find out more.


A Step into the Forest - By Ken Smith

by sueb | 29-07-2016

A new supervisee today. The universe currently sends me internal coaches who are quite new to coaching. It’s an invitation to put on the expert hat. I resist this to an extent, partly holding to the principle that supervision is a reflective process, partly to rein in my need for expert strokes.


Three Good Reasons for Coaches to Blog - By Jacqueline Ann Surin

by sueb | 28-07-2016

At the end of last year, I started thinking about what else I could do to market myself as a coach and facilitator.


Simply Sharing Joy! By Jo Birch

by sueb | 26-07-2016

I’m sharing this story because this moment in time felt so significant to me, so fundamental to my essence. Since I bring that essence of me into my relationships with my clients and supervisees this story must therefore relate to my craft as a coach and coaching supervisor. The story reminds me that magic happens…and it is not always where I expect it to be!


What do your three brains know? Part 1 - By Andy King

by sueb | 28-06-2016

When I was working for large businesses I became increasingly aware that in order to get something on people’s radar it had to be distilled to one page of A4 and be supplemented by a spreadsheet...


Seven reasons Group Supervision could be a 'team Sport'?! by Michelle Lucas

by sueb | 15-09-2015

Do you have regular supervision arrangements, or do you tend to operate on an “as needed” basis?


A Question of Identity - By Ken Smith

by sueb | 16-06-2016

The forthcoming referendum on EU membership has set me thinking about identity. It’s a problematical subject to talk about, certainly at the national level, without sounding overblown or sentimental or jingoistic.


Bringing Goals into Reach - By Jacqueline Ann Surin

by sueb | 27-05-2016

In my previous posting, I shared how a coach who uses Clean Language would begin client sessions with, “What would you like to have happen?”

That question invites clients to think about what they would like to have happen instead of what may be currently happening. It creates a space for clients to think about what they want instead of what they don’t want. Doing that helps clients move from problem to a desired outcome or solution.


A Day In The Life Of A Coaching Supervisor - By Elaine Patterson

by sueb | 13-05-2016

I notice that my days ebb and flow to a natural energy and rhythm. …. A waxing and a waning…. …. An intentional series of shorter and longer reflective cycles with their stops, retreats and returns which has now become the hallmark of my life and practice ….


Just a perfect day - By Michelle Lucas

by sueb | 10-05-2016

Many coaches when I meet them for the first time ask what prompted me to become a coaching supervisor. In truth I became a coaching supervisor by chance – it wasn’t something I had planned. However, now that I’m here, there is no place I would rather be!


Dancing my dance - enhancing my presence by Jo Birch

by sueb | 09-05-2016

A Day In The Life Of A Coaching Supervisor


Two Coaching Questions to Crystallise Awareness - By Jacqueline Ann Surin

by sueb | 05-05-2016

I use two questions a lot of the time to help coaching clients develop their awareness. This might be an awareness about their desired outcome or about a resourceful state they want more of.


Supervision: When What's Happening Here Mirrors What Happens There by Michelle Lucas

by sueb | 25-04-2016

The next blog in this series examines eye 5 of the Seven-Eyed Model: The relationship between Supervisor and coach.


When Clients Don't Know What They Want - By Jacqueline Ann Surin

by sueb | 07-03-2016

What happens if a client doesn’t know what they want out of coaching?


The 5 Minute Interview: Linda Aspey on Igniting Thinking in a Webinar Environment

by sueb | 29-02-2016

Angela Dunbar speaks to Linda Aspey about the ideas behind and takeaways from her webinar series ‘Journey to Coaching Mastery and the Thinking Environment®’ that she recently conducted for the AC with Ruth McCarthy.


Where could that have come from? By Jacqueline Ann Surin

by sueb | 19-01-2016

The value of getting to the source of the coachee’s emotion.


Eye 4 of the Seven-Eyed Model: Sometimes it really is all about "me"! By Michelle Lucas

by sueb | 13-11-2015

We all know that giving our client our fullest attention is an essential part of coaching. However in truth there are times when I know my attention wanders. For some reason I’m distracted by what is going on for me in the moment ….pushing whatever might be going on for my client to the background. So does that make it a bad piece of coaching? Perhaps! Although for me the more interesting and useful questions to consider are “why?” or “how?” does this happen?


Fear by Ken Smith

by sueb | 28-09-2015

Perhaps it’s because I’m writing this on a Monday morning, when I often feel a little fragile, but I’ve been wondering about fear.


Ten Top Tips for Virgin Bloggers by Soraya Shaw

by sueb | 27-11-2014

Writing a blog is different to writing an article, press release or academic paper. The key difference is the tone in which its written...


Trapped in a Good Intention by Ken Smith

by sueb | 25-08-2015

We coach because we want to do some good in the world: a bold assertion but I think essentially true.


Getting too close? Remember to 'temperature check' your relationship with your coachee

by sueb | 14-08-2015

By Michelle Lucas. In Part four of this blog series about the “7 eyed Model” for coaching reflection and supervision, I’d like to share my experiences of looking at my work through the third ‘eye’: which is all about the relationship as it develops between coach and client.


How do you grow your coaching practice? By Kevin Oubridge

by sueb | 10-08-2015

Your clients have the answers


Why did you do what you did? By Michelle Lucas

by sueb | 28-07-2015

Looking at your coaching technique reveals more that you might think. In Part Three of this blog series about the “7 eyed Model” for coaching reflection and supervision, I’d like to share my experiences of looking at my work through the second ‘eye’ of Supervision: The Intervention which is effectively the tools, techniques or questions used.


The Bee Keeper's Guide to Winning Coaching Clients Part Two by Kevin Oubridge

by sueb | 15-07-2015

In part one of this blog I explained how we turned things around at Accelerated Success, our coaching practice, with three key fixes for winning more clients: 1) Know who you want to work with, 2) Know how to introduce yourself, and 3) Know how to continue the conversation.


When Managers Support Engagement - Can Coaching Support the Managers?

by sueb | 25-06-2015

By Emma Donaldson-Feilder and Rachel Lewis. With the recent publication of the results of the Great Place to Work 2014 study pinpointing yet again that line managers are fundamental to driving employee engagement, it feels as if not a week goes by without another article championing the benefit of employee engagement and the importance of managers for achieving it. But what does this mean for us as coaches and for the world of coaching?


The Bee Keeper's Guide to Winning Coaching Clients by Kevin Oubridge

by sueb | 16-06-2015

You want to win coaching clients, but the approach you're using isn't working?


The first 'eye': What 'lies beneath' ... By Michelle Lucas

by sueb | 12-05-2015

What do we really know about the client as they enter the room? In Part Two of this blog series about the “7 eyed Model” for coaching reflection and supervision, I’d like to share my personal reflections about looking through the first ‘eye’: The Client System.


Once a coaching question is asked, you can't go back... By Michelle Lucas

by sueb | 07-05-2015

I remember when I was training as a coach that I held a belief that for every coaching situation there would be one intervention that was “perfect” for the matter in hand. And yet there were so many questions that I could ask or not ask – and so many avenues to explore once a conversation started – which one should I choose?


Coaches: What do we notice just before we don't know what to do? By Ian Saunders

by sueb | 28-04-2015

When coaching, we inevitably discover that at times we don’t know what to do. How quickly we notice and what we then do in many ways defines the more experienced coach.


Curiosity and Leadership by Rachael Ross

by sueb | 01-04-2015

I recently heard an executive being interviewed about his organisation’s problems and the lack of leadership. The top team was criticised for lacking “any curiosity about the situation”.

The ability to remain curious about what surrounds you is, I believe, a key aspect of excellence in leadership and is a mind-set that coaching can help bring out and expand in leaders.



by sueb | 03-02-2015

We live in an analytical world. We look for causes, break things down, tie bits of them together again, transfer and translate, interpret, infer and weave in some old and new meanings; all so we can get by and get along. And when we do these things as coaches, working with someone who wants to make sense of a part of their world whose meaning has slipped behind a cloud for a while, whereabouts do we, the coach, need to be?


The Old Typewriter and Co Coaching by Simon Hague

by sueb | 10-12-2014

If you are as old as I am, you may remember the old typewriters. I can remember sitting with my grandparents playing on this heavy cast iron mechanical thing that magically put letters onto a piece of paper.


6 Learnings on life and coaching from a 10 month old grandchild by Andy King

by sueb | 21-11-2014

I’ve been lucky enough to spend plenty of time with our granddaughter over the last few weeks and I am struck by the parallels with coaching at its best...


Coaching's role in being the 1st profession to commercial apply Neuroscience to people.

by sbratton | 07-06-2014

Dr. Paul Brown is AC’s Global Ambassador for Neuroscience. His programme ‘The Science of the Art of Coaching’ in association with AC and his colleague, Virginia Brown, has completed its first year, and in June will graduate its second intake in London.


AC Global Research

by sbratton | 29-04-2014

AC Head of Research, Anne Archer, introduces the recently formed Global Research (Advisory and Leadership) Team and outlines its exciting ambitions.


Diversity in Coaching by Association for Coaching - 1st Edition

by ac_admin | 17-01-2014

Diversity in Coaching by Association for Coaching - 1st Edition


Psychometrics in Coaching by Association for Coaching

by ac_admin | 17-01-2014

This book fills an important gap in coaching literature. Psychometric data figures increasingly in the background materials coachees bring to the learning alliance and the book provides valuable guidance on how to make safe, effective use of a wide range of instruments.