AC Coach Training Accreditation 

To continue to drive the highest standards in coaching the Association for Coaching offers accreditation of coach training programmes. AC Coach Training Accreditation signals to students that a training course meets the AC standard for comprehensive coach training, encompassing the application of coaching competencies, working within ethical guidelines and providing practical experience.

Coach training may be accredited at one of four different levels depending on the length and content of the course, ranging from initial training to advanced programmes for more experienced coaches. Each level of accreditation has specific requirements as outlined in the AC Coach Training Accreditation Overview (pdf).

AC Coach Training Accreditation is available to AC Organizational, Corporate and Third Sector members.  Courses can be based in any discipline, approach or model as long as they meet the AC’s accreditation requirements which include a blended learning approach balancing practical and theoretical content.

As an additional and exclusive benefit, training providers with AC Accredited Coach Training Courses qualify to access AC Student Affiliate Membership for students on these courses.  This high value 12-month reduced-fee membership is an additional benefit that can be marketed as part of an AC accredited course. Find out more about this offer.

Applying for AC Coach Training Accreditation

E-mail to access application forms and other supporting documents.


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