AC Recognized Leader as Coach

The AC has introduced a brand new award for courses aimed at teaching coaching skills to organizational leaders and managers. Our belief is that coaching skills are an essential leadership tool. The AC is working to help organisations benefit from a coaching culture and enable their leaders and managers to develop and empower their teams through a coaching approach. 

The AC Recognized Leader as Coach is part of a suite of Accreditation and Recognition schemes designed to continue to drive high standards in coaching. An AC Recognized Leader as Coach designation indicates to buyers that a coaching skills course meets best practice.  Courses will include core coaching competencies, essential coaching tools and skills and integration with existing management and leadership approaches.

The requirements for AC recognition of a coaching skills course for leaders and managers are outlined in the AC Recognized Leader as Coach Overview (pdf). Applications are welcomed from AC Organizational, Corporate and Third Sector members.

Please note: the AC Course Recognition scheme for coach training courses has now been replaced by the new multilevel Coach Training Accreditation

Applying for AC Recognized Leader as Coach

E-mail to access application forms and other supporting documents.