AC Supervisor Accreditation 

The AC’s commitment to championing standards of excellence underpins its accreditation scheme for supervisors of coaches.

Supervisor Accreditation by the AC allows supervisors to stand out in a busy market place, benchmarked against high professional standards. Support from an AC Accredited Supervisor ensures coaches receive a good quality service and flags to users of their coaching service that their coach is receiving excellent professional support.

AC Supervisor Accreditation is designed to accredit fitness to practise.  Accreditation indicates that the supervisor’s work aligns with the principles, competencies and functions of supervision outlined in the AC Supervision Principles Framework

AC Accreditation is highly inclusive, encompassing a breadth of training and experience, offering two schemes:

Accredited Coaching Supervisor

For experienced coachesoffering services to all coaches, including those seeking coach accreditation and those working in a business or organizational context.

Applicants will be accredited coaches with over 500 coaching hours’ experience - accredited by any well-known professional coaching body.

Accredited Supervisor

For supervisors whose background is in a counselling or therapeutic context who are not practising coaches and are actively supervising coaches.

Support is available to help you apply for Supervisor Accreditation, including comprehensive information in Applicant Guides, FAQs, and regular Supervisor Accreditation Briefing Calls.

Applying for AC Supervisor Accreditation

Before you apply find out more (pdf) about which scheme you may be eligible for and what you’ll need to do.  

E-mail to access application forms and other supporting documents.

Click here to access application forms and detailed Guides to completion. You can also view Supervisor Accreditation FAQs to help you further.