AC Group Supervision Experience Calls

The Association for Coaching provides a Group Supervision Experience service on the third Thursday of every month. The calls are held via video link or low-cost teleconference line and are facilitated by experienced AC Coaches who donate an hour of their time to support fellow AC Members. The calls last up to one hour with a maximum of five participants.

AC Group Supervision Experience calls are designed to offer Members a taste of what supervision is like and what can be gained from participating in it. The calls are available to AC Members regardless of location across the world.

Through attending a call AC Members have:

  • The opportunity to experience supervision
  • Access to the benefits of supervision in a group setting
  • An opportunity to connect with other AC Members
  • A setting in which client work and ethical issues can be explored
  • The chance to work with a highly experienced Supervisor who hosts the call

Participation in these calls counts towards your annual Continuous Professional Development.  

They are designed as a supervision taster and are not intended to replace full professional supervision. Members should engage in a long-term relationship with an appropriately trained and experienced supervisor; this is an essential requirement for AC Coach Accreditation.

Separate Coach Accreditation Briefing Calls are available for members with questions about the AC Coach Accreditation scheme.

Places on Group Supervision Experience Calls must be booked in advance, please contact  

In 2017, some of our ACGSE calls will be offered with a theme. Dates for 2017 are:




18 May 2017


12:00 and


08:00, 12:00 and 18:00 – Experience Group Supervision


One of the calls at 08:00 will have a theme: BEING CREATIVE IN COACHING 

Creativity is generally considered a vital skill for success in the 21st century. As coaches, we need not only to be creative in our approaches with clients but also to foster creativity within our clients.

But what exactly is creativity? It is an elusive spark that can be difficult to define, and can be viewed in many ways, for instance as a gift bestowed on us; a skill to exercise; a technique to learn, or a choice to make.

In this supervision session, we invite you to bring your coaching client stories, questions and dilemmas where you feel creativity plays an important part.

15 June 2017


12:00 and


08:00, 12:00 and 18:00 – Experience Group Supervision

One of the calls at 08:00 will have a theme:  NO SHOWS

Sometimes clients don't show up - literally or metaphorically.  We will address both.  

What might be going on for the client?

When do we make it about "us" and it isn't?

We will examine what we do, and what we could do, with "no shows"

20 July 2017

08:00, 12:00 and 18:00

 All calls - Experience Group Supervision

17 August 2017





08:00, 12:00 and 18:00 – Experience Group Supervision

One of the calls at 08:00 will have a theme: BOUNDARY MANAGEMENT

Boundary management can impact us many ways.  As internal coaches, it may be about the many hats we wear, and the insider company knowledge we have that may challenge our ability to maintain perspective/invite fresh perspectives.  More generally it may be trying to maintain confidentiality when an organization is keen for information, or it may be wanting to “rescue” when we think our client needs support.  How do we deal with a client who we think needs different support from coaching?

These are just some of the ways we may come across the need to develop our skills and awareness in boundary management.  We will share our experiences and ideas.

21 September 2017


12:00 and


08:00 and 18:00 – Experience Group Supervision

The call at 12:00 will have a theme:  ETHICS

Ethics is an important piece of coaching and supervision. It sets the foundation of excellence in our coaching/supervision practice. The Ethics call is designed to help you better understand the global code of ethics and/or to clarify your doubts towards ethical issues you may be going through.

This call will support you in your journey to become the best coach you can be.  Join us!

19 October 2017

08:00, 12:00 and 18:00

 All calls - Experience Group Supervision

16 November 2017


12:00 and


08:00 – Experience Group Supervision

The call at 12:00 will have a theme:  DEALING WITH HEALTH ISSUES IN COACHING 

The topic of health and healing is becoming an important specialism for many coaches, although for all coaches we occasionally need to manage a health issue as part and parcel of any kind of coaching work.

Where a client’s health is adversely affecting their ability to meet their goals, how do we address it? What options do we have and what are the danger signs to watch for? This supervision session invites you to bring any client case story, question or dilemma where health (or lack of it) is a key factor. This could include questions and issues involving mental health, as well as any concerns or questions you have regarding your own health and how it may be affecting your ability to coach.

21 December 2017

08:00, 12:00

 Both calls - Experience Group Supervision

"The call is insightful and you get to share your knowledge and hear how others do things, and what works well. As people share from their own experiences, it may not be something you have experienced, but you may in the future, so you have a reference point."

"Supervision in a group of people you don't know adds new information about assumptions and 'norms' of yourself and other coaches, that help reflective practice."

"(What was most helpful?)  The calm and experienced supervisor ensured that each of us were listened to and contributed, and she shared her experience and insights. Great to have an exercise to use as a practical takeaway."