eFIRE: Finding Clarity in Complexity in the Journey to Coaching Mastery

A webinar series with Geoffrey Abbott, PhD

Dates: 21st February, 7th March, 21st March and 4th April 2017


Geoffrey Abbott, PhD/ Director of Executive Coaching, QUT Graduate School of Business


A series of four online seminars: 60 minute interactive webinar taking place every two weeks. (Includes pre-reading, the eFIRE brochure [model for coaching] and in-between session activities)


Tuesday, 21st February: Introducing the  eFIRE model

Tuesday, 7th March: Framing and Inquiry: Demonstration Coaching Session

Tuesday, 21st March: Reflection: Unpacking some pictures

Tuesday, 4th April: Experimentation and Paradox

Live webinars will take place at 12.00hrs GMT on the above mentioned dates.

Course Rate

Members: £90 / €105 + VAT

Non-Members: £140 / €160 + VAT

Non-Members including 1 year Affiliate membership:  £125 / €145 + VAT


1. Short summary of the topic

Unarguably, the context for executive and organisational coaching is becoming increasingly complex. The eFIRE Coaching Model is a unique evidence-based methodology for coaching that builds from existing tried-and-true models (such as GROW) to help coaches to centre coaching conversations and processes. It is uniquely designed for leaders and executive coaches who are working in messy situations where there are no obvious solutions to emerging challenges. This gives primacy to energy – drawn from values, meaning, purpose and relationships. The four sessions follow a clear – though non-linear - path around the stages of the model. Between sessions, participants are encouraged to play with some innovative activities in their real world leading and coaching.

2. In this webinar series you will learn:

  • how to think differently about leading and coaching in messy contexts;
  • the ‘how’s and why’s’ of the eFIRE coaching model designed for use in complex organisational contexts;
  • practical ways to embed values, meaning and purpose as anchors in coaching conversations and processes.

The webinar series will also help you to gain even more value from your existing coaching and leadership approaches through integration into the eFIRE framework.

3. Topics and schedule for the webinar series:

Live webinars will take place at: 12.00 hrs GMT on the above-mentioned dates.

Webinar 1:

Introducing the  eFIRE model
Introducing energy as the driver of coaching impact
Homework: Your energy frame

Webinar 2:

Framing and Inquiry: Demonstration Coaching Session
Group discussions
Plenary debrief and creating rich pictures of messy problem situations  
Homework: Rich pictures

Webinar 3:

Reflection: Unpacking some pictures
Working in the seminar with one or two volunteers to use the model to unpack a complex challenge
Homework: Playing with your challenge

Webinar 4:

Experimentation and Paradox
Working with embedded tensions in coaching
Discussing some real world examples using paradoxical thinking
Wrap up

Recordings and slides of all webinars will be made available for all registered participants.

4. Preparation and Resources:


Consider and frame a current challenge that is open to a coaching approach that you can play with, in and between sessions through the webinar series. (You might have a personal or work challenge, or you might be facing a challenge coaching assignment.)


  • An article explaining the eFIRE model
  • A downloadable brochure with the full model including 55 sample questions relating to the five phases.
  • PowerPoint slides following each webinar
  • Activity sheets related to activities between webinar.

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5. Speaker Bio

Geoffrey Abbott, PhD

Geoff is Director of Executive and Organizational Coaching at the QUT Graduate School of Business in Brisbane, Australia. Geoff manages coaching programs including the fostering of coaching as an essential leadership practice in complex environments. He facilitates and coaches across programs related to leadership coaching, including within the Executive MBA, and corporate leadership development programs. QUT Leadership Coaching

Geoff is very active in global executive coaching as a practitioner, educator, researcher, and author. In his role as Founder/Director of the Centre for International Business Coaching, he has a variety of coaching and mentoring engagements with multinational companies, with a special interest in Latin America. Geoff’s executive experience is with the Special Broadcasting Service, Australia where he managed strategic planning.  He is a Member of the Association for Coaching Global Advisory Board, and co-editor of the Routledge Companion to International Business Coaching (Moral and Abbott, 2011).

6. Price and special offers

As with all AC continuous professional development events, the fees are offered at a very good value, with an extra special price for AC members.

AC member: Your investment for the entire series is only £90 / €105 + VAT.

Non AC member: Pay £125 / €145 + VAT and you get access to the full series and ONE YEAR membership with the Association for Coaching immediately. 

For this fee, you get:

  • 4 x 60 minute interactive virtual seminars with Geoffrey Abbott, PhD;
  • Pre and post resources to explore the concepts and apply your learning:
  • Recordings of all webinars and a copy of the slides for your own library;
  • A Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Certificate at the end of the series;
  • One-year Affiliate membership with the Association for Coaching (if you are not already a member)

For any questions, please contact Smaranda Dochia, Head of Digital Learning, Events & Conferences at smaranda@associationforcoaching.com