The Thinking Environment® and the Journey to Coaching Mastery


A special webinar series with Linda Aspey & Ruth McCarthy, Thinking Environment® Specialists and Members of the Time to Think Global Faculty

              27th November, 9th December 2015 and 19th January 2016


A series of three online webinars


A total of 3 hours’ interactive course with pre and post session reading and exercises


Webinar 1:What is the Thinking Environment?” on 27th November 2015

Webinar 2: “Making it real: core conditions for generative thinking” on 9th December 2015

Webinar 3: “Looking at the power of Assumptions” on 19th January 2016

 Course Rate

Members: €100/£75
Non-Members: €170/£125
Non-Members including 1 year Affiliate membership:  €150/£110


The Journey To Coaching Mastery and The Thinking Environment (R)

The Association for Coaching with Linda Aspey and Ruth McCarthy are pleased to invite you to develop your ability to create environments in which people can truly think for and as themselves. You can do this by joining Linda and Ruth on a monthly webinar, over 3 months, from the comfort of your office or home.

Truly successful coaching depends on clients thinking clearly and well for themselves. Because that’s what they have to do every day. Faced with opinions and challenges and decisions they need to be able to work out what they think and what they need to do for the best.  In our experience, the mind that contains the question or the problem is usually the best mind to answer or solve it.

So as coaches how can we create the optimum conditions for quality thinking from our clients? We know that telling people what to think isn’t the solution. We know that our questions and observations and suggestions, whilst sometimes useful, come from our minds, our worlds and our experiences, not theirs. So what happens when we don’t do any of those things? What happens to the human mind when we ask what someone thinks, and then we listen to ignite, not to respond? When we give “Generative Attention”.  When we believe – truly – that the amazing human being in front of us really can think for themselves? 

The quality of everything we do depends on the quality of the thinking that we do first; good thinking supports sound decisions and wise actions.  And when we as coaches are fully, wholly, unconditionally present, at ease with not knowing, fascinated in someone’s thinking and trusting of their own intelligence, our clients can reach new heights in their own thinking, becoming more courageous, creative, pragmatic and fulfilled than they ever thought possible.

This is the Thinking Environment®. It was developed by the inspirational Nancy Kline of Time to Think, and in this series of 3 interactive, engaging and collaborative webinars we will identify and explore what’s needed to create a Thinking Environment in your worlds.

In this 3 session webinar series you will learn how:

  • The difference between ‘listening to inspire’ and ‘listening to reply’ profoundly changes the coaching relationship for the better
  • The quality of our thinking depends on the quality of attention we experience while we think, and how to encourage the deepest levels of thinking, with individuals or in groups
  • Introducing any of the Ten Components of the Thinking Environment makes a qualitative difference and introducing all of them can be transformative

     We will consider key learning points such as:

  • How we give Attention is the critical factor in the coaching relationship.
    Learning how to give and receive generative Attention is at the core of coaching mastery and of all interpersonal communication. Integrating this on every level is transformational both for practice and for personal life.
  • Creating a generative Thinking Environment is a conscious act, so we can learn it. 
    Some people are naturally good listeners.  Most of us are not.  Noticing all the behaviours and actions that create generative listening takes time and practice.  In these interactive sessions with Linda and Ruth we will explore how this works in practice.
  • What are the 10 Components that create an environment in which people can think well, create solutions and move forward with real energy?
    Over the series the Components will be introduced, explored and engaged with in real time discussions so that key learning takes place as a natural part of reflection on what’s being heard and experienced. Participants will finish with a sound knowledge of the Components that underpin and develop the conditions for everyone’s best thinking.

Schedule for the webinar series

**Live webinars will take place at:

13.00 hrs GMT/14.00 hrs CET; 05.00 hrs PDT; 17.30 hrs IST on the mentioned dates.

Recordings will be made available for registered participants. 

Topics for the Webinar Series

Speaker Bios

This webinar will be as interactive as possible for you to explore and reflect in real time.  There will be pre-reading and intersession reflection time. This webinar series will offer you a completely different way of thinking about thinking; you might like to do this course at the same time as a colleague so you can have the added bonus of practising together.

Price and special offers

As with all AC continuing professional events, the fees are offered at very good value, with an extra special price for AC members.

AC member: Your investment for the entire series is only €100/£75.

Non AC member: Pay €150/£110 and you get access to the full series and ONE YEAR Affiliate membership with the Association for Coaching immediately. 

For this price, you get:

  • 60 minute interactive course with two global leaders in the Thinking Environment
  • Pre and post course exercises to explore the concepts and apply your learning
  • recordings of all three webinars for your own library;
  • one-year Affiliate membership with the Association for Coaching (if you are not already a member)

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If you want to get even more from this course we recommend you sign up with a colleague so you can practice in-between sessions.