The Trusted Coach and

the Journey to Coaching Mastery

A webinar series with John Blakey, Author of ‘The Trusted Executive’


Dates 16th January, 13th February and 13th March 2017



John Blakey, CEO Executive Coach, Speaker and Author of ‘The Trusted Executive’


A series of 3 online seminars: 60 minute interactive webinar every 4 weeks and post session reading materials.


Monday, 16th January 2017:    Why Trust? Why Now?

Monday, 13th February 2017:  The Three Pillars & Nine Habits that inspire Trust

Monday, 13th March 2017:      Working with the Nine Habits

Course Rate

Members: £90 / €105

Non-Members: £140 / €160

Non-Members including 1 year Affiliate membership:  £125 / €145


1. "The Trusted Coach" webinar series description

Trust is the bedrock of great coaching. For a successful start of 2017, we invite you to take your trust-building skills to a completely new level by joining us for “The Trusted Coach” webinar series with John Blakey, CEO Executive Coach, Speaker and Author of ‘The Trusted Executive’.

Through prize-winning doctoral research, personal anecdotes and insightful models, John will challenge coaches to develop transformational trust-building skills and so create outstanding results, inspiring relationships and a positive long-term legacy in their work. All material in the series will be based on John’s acclaimed new book ‘The Trusted Executive: Nine leadership habits that inspire results, relationships and reputation’, which has been shortlisted as the CMI book of the year.

2. In this webinar series you will learn:

  • Why trust is a critical coaching asset in a world where nothing can be hidden
  • The theory of trust: ability, integrity and benevolence
  • The practice of trust: How you can develop the nine habits that inspire trust

We will also share tools or bring further learning points such as...

  • Self-assessing your own trust quotient using a unique questionnaire
  • Diagnosing your key trust-building strengths and areas for development
  • Tips, tools and models for developing the nine habits that inspire trust
  • How coaches can help their clients become trustworthy leaders
  • Why this is an opportunity for the coaching profession to take the lead with trust

3. Topics and schedule for the webinar series:

**Live webinars will take place at: 13.00 hrs GMT on the above-mentioned dates.

Webinar 1: Why Trust? Why Now?

  • The shifting paradigm from control to trust (blue pill vs red pill)
  • The crisis of trust in leadership
  • The role of coaches in the trust-building challenge
  • The choice all coaches must make

Webinar 2: The Three Pillars and Nine Habits that inspire Trust

  • What is trust?
  • The trust formula: ability x integrity x benevolence
  • The nine habits that inspire trust
  • Introduction of the self-assessment tool

Webinar 3: Working with the Nine Habits

  • The power of habits
  • Identifying and building your key strengths
  • Fixing the trust ‘blind spots’
  • What to do when things go wrong

4. Preparation & Resources:

Ideally, all participants should obtain a copy of ‘The Trusted Executive’ in advance of the series and read the relevant chapters associated with each webinar prior to that session.

There will be specific preparation required for the third webinar. Participants will need to complete the self-assessment questionnaire prior to that webinar and assess their own trust quotient.

The speaker will share many resources which will all be available via These will include video clips, references, articles, blogs, exercises and executive interviews on trust.

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5. Speaker Bio

John was named as one of the top thought leaders globally on organizational trust at the Trust Across America awards in 2016. This accolade reflects his prize-winning doctoral research on trust at Aston Business School, his writing of the acclaimed book, ‘The Trusted Executive’, as well as his practical experience as a highly successful business leader and pioneer in the executive coaching profession. His previous book Challenging Coaching, co-authored with Ian Day, was hailed as a ’game-changer’ in the profession when it was first published in 2012. Find out more about John here.

6. Price and special offers

As with all AC continuous professional development events, the fees are offered at a very good value, with an extra special price for AC members.

AC member: Your investment for the entire series is only £90 / €105.

Non AC member: Pay £125 / €145 and you get access to the full series and ONE YEAR membership with the Association for Coaching immediately. 

For this fee, you get:

  • 60 minute interactive virtual seminar with John Blakey
  • Pre and post resources to explore the concepts and apply your learning:
  • Recordings of all webinars and a copy of the slides for your own library;
  • A Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Certificate at the end of the series;
  • One-year Affiliate membership with the Association for Coaching (if you are not already a member)

Recordings and slides will be made available for all registered participants.

For any questions, please contact Smaranda Dochia, Head of Digital Learning, Events & Conferences at