How to become a Corporate Member (UK)

Organisations from the private and public sectors with an active interest in coaching and coaching related topics can become Corporate Members of the Association for Coaching.

Corporate Members enjoy access to all Association facilities and general membership benefits, as well as online listing for their company. Corporate Members can be represented at relevant AC meetings. One primary contact and the appropriate number of representatives (as per level) will receive AC communications and discounts to events.

There are five levels of Corporate Membership:

Corporate Member 1

Annual membership fee: £651.00 for 1 primary contact + up to 6 representatives

Corporate Member 2

Annual membership fee:£1,098.00 for 1 primary contact + up to 24 representatives

Corporate Member 3

Annual membership fee:£1,639.00 for 1 primary contact + up to 39 representatives

Corporate Member 4

Annual membership fee:£2,196.00 for 1 primary contact + up to 79 representatives

Corporate Member 5

Annual membership fee:£2,750.00 for 1 primary contact + up to 119 representatives

A one off registration fee of £50.00 applies to Corporate Member categories 1 to 3, then £60.00 for levels 4 and 5.

If you would like to know more about how to become an AC Corporate Member then email