Member Log In – Guidance Notes

Your account 

To ensure we have the correct details on file for you, please go to Your Account: 

Please click on the Member Log In tab on the top bar above; select your AC region and click Submit.

You will need to enter your username and password then click the Log In button.

User Name : Enter your membership number

Password : author

If you cannot remember your password you can reset it on the Forgot Password? section and a new one will be sent to you to the email address we have on record for you.  Please note this will be a randomly generated one with a mixture of letters and digits.  To reset your password to a more memorable one you first need to log into your account and then use the Change Password button.

You will now see some or all of the following options, depending on your membership level:

1  Edit Details (All Member Levels)

From here you can make any amendments to your details.  We do get offers for coaches of specific types/language speaking/located in particular areas from time to time, so the more information we have of your details and specialisms the more chance we have of matching you up to potential clients!

Coaching Categories – Individual member (under Edit) Organizational Members (under AC Directory)

Please note that to bring us up to date we have changed from the old style, very broad membership types to the following more specific categories, from which you can select up to three:

  • Board-level/C-Suite Coaching
  • Career Transition Coaching
  • Coaching Skills Training
  • Executive Coaching
  • Group Coaching
  • Heath & Wellness Coaching
  • Manager-level Coaching  
  • Personal Coaching
  • Team Coaching
  • Other (max 1)

Select your first one so that it is highlighted, then hold control and highlight another up to 3, and then let go. 

2a  AC Directory/Profile - (Associate, Member, Organizational primary contacts)

You can amend or add to your online AC Directory in this section. Please note that any information on this page will be published online for anyone to view.  Use this page to advertise your coaching services, you can include a link to your own website.  It is important to note that the the search facility works on key words and in order to be found within a search on a particular location or area, you will need to add the general geographical areas you work in within the “Locations” field of your AC Directory Entry.    

2b  AC Directory /Member Spotlight - (Associate, Member, Organizational, 3rd Sector and Corporate primary contacts)

Member Spotlight Biography: Your details will be displayed on a rotating basis on the home page under Member Spotlight; this will not display automatically. This is admin controlled and we will publish from the back end.

3  Renew Membership - (Affiliate, Associate, Member plus Organizational, 3rd Sector and Corporate primary contacts)

This section lists your membership details; membership type and number, and your renewal date with the amount due, if any.  If your renewal is due, just click on the Renew Now button and you will be taken into the online payment page, this will remember all your details so there is no need to fill them in again.  This streamlines the renewals process to make it as smooth and easy as possible for you. 

4  Journal - access the latest issue and back copies of Coaching: An International Journal of Theory, Research & Practice, published in collaboration with Routledge.

5  Benefits - this links to a hidden AC Membership Benefits page, which includes some of our most common queries, such as how to access the AC logo, where you can find details of discounted insurers, online forums, co-coaching forums, discounts for other publications and so on.  Please note this page contains some information which is only available to our paid up members.

Don’t forget to check your online Directory entry to ensure the changes you made have been published. 

For any enquiries or problems please contact members