Student Affiliate Membership

Student Affiliate Membership is an exclusive benefit now available for AC organizational members who offer AC Accredited or  AC Accredited  coach training courses or whose coach training courses remain Recognized under the outgoing AC Course Recognition scheme

Members with AC Accredited Courses are able to invest in a high value 12-month reduced-fee AC Affiliate Membership for their own students to market as part of their programme. Your students will have the support of the full range of AC services available to AC Affiliate Members as they undertake and complete their training and embark on coaching careers. Benefits include Co-coaching forums, Group Supervision, and discounts on events, conferences and third-party services including insurance.

Your training programme is enhanced by an additional benefit to your prospective students, offering the AC resources to your learners on their development journey.  Student Affiliate Membership is only available to students currently undergoing coach training through an AC Recognised Course provider and can only be accessed through the AC organizational member providing the programme.  Details of fees can be found here.

To find out more about this exclusive benefit please contact members