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We continually look to add to our range of helpful and useful member resources. If you have identified a credible article, white paper, piece of research, book, or other related coaching resources that you would like to recommend to other AC members, email us with their details so we can continue to add to our database of resources that will benefit our fellow members.


Psychology and Globalization: Understanding a Complex Relationship (PDF)
Invitation to Innovation 
The 7 C’s is all that it takes to be a Millionaire Coach
The CBC Approach to Stress Management Coaching.
Coaching as a tool for Sustaining Workplace Wellbeing
Anger in the Workplace
Resilience in Coaching
Coaching for Resilience
Tips for dealing with Narcissism
Measuring value in Coaching
Career coaching
Succeeding as a Corporate Coach

The Listener April 2016
The Listener April 2015
The Listener April 2014
The Listener April 2013
The Listener Oct 2012
The Listener May 2012
The Listener Oct 2011
Compassion Focused Coaching
The PRACTICE model of coaching towards a solutions focused approach
Coaching Alliance
Building Personal Resilience
7 Secrets of a Star Performer
Discovering Health and Wellness Coaching to Articles and Handy Guides
Enemies of Coaching to Articles and Handy Guides

Handy Guides

Member to Member Guide – Developing your Coaching through Reflective Practice (PDF 821k)
Member to Member Guide – What’s so “Super” about Supervision? (PDF 911k)
Member to Member Guide –How do you find a supervisor? (PDF 1.01mb)
The Pathways and Pitfalls of Coaching Dec 2003 (PDF 140k)
Top 5 Tips for coach supervision - Part 1: Finding a supervisor & establishing a relationship (PDF 128k)
Top 5 Tips for coach supervision - Part 2: Becoming a supervisor & being a great supervisee (PDF 128k)
Top 5 Tips for Understanding your Values (PDF 140k)
Top 5 Tips for Being Well Prepared – using the Circle of Excellence (PDF 124k)
Taking the "Busy" out of Business - How to Achieve More By Doing Less (PDF 128k)
How to Generate Motivational Energy: a self-sufficiency guide (PDF 128k)
The Top 5 Tips for Creating Lasting Confidence (PDF 128k)
The Top 5 Tips for Managing Your Career (PDF 152k)
The Top 5 Tips for Becoming More Assertive (PDF 128k)
The Top 5 Tips for Creating and Sustaining Healthy Relationships (PDF 136k)
The Top 5 Tips for improving work-life balance (PDF 120k)
The Top 5 Tips for Networking (PDF 136k)
The Top 5 Tips for Becoming a Business Coach (PDF)
Summary Report: Coaching Rates Survey
AC Supervision Report (PDF 104k)