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Well it nearly went to plan !!!!

Posted By Kristen Goodchild, Pure Joy Wellbeing Ltd, 18 September 2019
So the day began with the normal tantrums (and that was just me) when my beloved daughter decided to freeze suddenly on the stairs, and I went arse over tit behind her. Fair to say my brakes didn't work. Dusted myself down, trying to think of a positive after all my acrobatics meant she was now downstairs. Normal dramas over breakfast . The taxi did turn up 10 minutes early, naturally Natalia wasn't ready, I ran out in my pyjamas to tell the driver she is on her way, and literally shoved her out the door, though I did stand at the door until the taxi departed to make sure she had gone. (She does like college, she just has no concept of time) Peace at last what should I do, I was adamant it was time for self care so on goes a podcast. I actually felt chilled for a while. 1 pm I get a dreaded Private number call (at lunchtime) which is usually not a positive call. This time it was the regarding Natalia's phone having no battery and she couldn't remember plans for parents evening - despite numerous discussions with her. The lovely nurse had called the office to confirm details with me (which Natalia had got totally inaccurate), the office then called the nurse back and then me back to confirm again as policy states she cannot contact patients directly from her mobile - which I understand but a work mobile would be useful. I start doing some of my Crisis Volunteer admin and tidying then set off for parent's evening. As I pass 6th Form going to the car park I see a traffic warden moving on a taxi belonging to the company transporting Natalia. My gut instinct was right - despite being told a taxi collection today was not required home, a communication breakdown had occurred. I walked up the driveway and the taxi was now outside reception, I went over to find out if it was for Natalia at the same time as a teacher, who was relieved that I turned up when I did. I driver was canny enough and said he had been waiting 45 minutes; both the teacher and I interjected that as the college didn't finish until 3.20 pm and it was now 3.50 pm he shouldn't have been waiting 45 minutes, I also said the agreement was for 3.30 pm so there was time to get out of class, ask the teacher questions and go to the loo; but hey ho that's the way it goes. Meanwhile the agreed place to meet Natalia had been locked up, so she wasn't where we arranged. She had seen me and headed in my direction and a case of ever decreasing circles began, with me collecting members of staff looking for her as the taxi firm prior to speaking to me had contacted the college they had checked registers and were aware she had been to all sessions. Natalia has only been there 8 teaching days and there are 900 new starters so apart from an ID photo which doesn't look like her they didn't know who they were looking for. Anyway I walk into the learning resource centre and spoke to a member of staff saying I was looking for my daughter. he asked "Do you know her name?" . Bless him he realised what he said as soon as he asked, at the same time the Year 13 Head turned up also looking for Natalia. Fortunately when we left the resource centre Natalia was there; so the search party could be called off. I put my phone on silent and went to the Lecture Theatre. During the midst of all this a member of staff had contacted my hubby and he returned from loading his truck to a missed call. I was blissfully unaware that he had been contacted, I had noticed I had a missed call from them at about the time I had been with the teacher and taxi driver. Poor James couldn't get hold of anyone so was wondering what the hell was going on - poor soul. Anyway all ended well. Better go I have to face the hell of supper time. I wonder what will happen tomorrow.

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