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Poor Bairn

Posted By Kristen Goodchild, Pure Joy Wellbeing Ltd, 19 September 2019
The poor bairn woke up with glands like golf balls, bad enough eating if you don't have anorexia, can you imagine the drama and my dilemma, she needs the calories but she is in pain, Natalia was still adamant she was going to college so that was a bonus and something I could use to negotiate with. Breakfast was the usual nightmare, but more to complain about today, on the bright-side she was losing her voice so the whinging wasn't as loud. The taxi arrives punctually, well I say taxi, it was a minibus just for Natalia, I howled laughing as she exclaimed the are having a giraffe. Off she went, and I had peace and quiet to do so some research. Managed to arrange a meeting next week with two awesome entrepreneurs, who are taking part in the FEA Visibility Challenge I am participating in. I am so excited their businesses totally compliment Pure Joy Wellbeing's Life Coaching and Therapy services. 11.15 pm I had a very positive counselling appointment. 2.35 pm I get a panicky call from Natalia saying that the taxi hasn't turned up. I phoned the taxi office and the taxi must have had a tracker on it as they could tell me it was next to the college. Meanwhile someone in the office called the taxi driver, he was stuck at traffic lights. Construction work around the college area is a nightmare. By the time Natalia got home she was pale with a full blown cold. I felt an evil mummy making her eat lunch but kept telling myself she needs the nutrients to fight the cold. She is so washed out and lots of glorious snot to match. Soft food today for her. I am trying to convince her food will aid her recovery but she doesn't believe me After tea we went for a drive, we are so lucky we have beautiful countryside around us. We saw an injured bunny so we had to turn round and take it to safety. By supper Natalia sounded like Darth Vader on 40 cigarettes a day bless her. It breaks my heart to see her this way and as she came downstairs early for supper without numerous prompts I know she is really unwell, and she took some paracetamol and vitamin C willingly which is unheard of. She is adamant she is going to college tomorrow because she has been shown statistics that those with less than 95% attendance get lower grades, which in her favour is admirable. She is now tucked up in bed. My hubby is now home and on his four days off so he can share the responsibility from tomorrow of a poorly daughter from tomorrow. My hubby bought me a lovely large bar of chocolate; you know how they say everything in moderation I never manage to have chocolate in moderation and now I feel sick but enjoying a Rhubarb Gin and Ginger, after all ginger has medicinal qualities. Anyway plan to go and do some meditation and breathing to relax whilst my hubby is watching the footy highlights. Let's see what tomorrow brings,

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