Webinar - Psychometrics in Coaching
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Webinar - Psychometrics in Coaching

The “Psychometrics in Coaching” webinar series is based on the Association for Coaching “Psychometrics in Coaching: Using Psychological and Psychometric Tools for Development” book, 2nd edition, edited by Jonathan Passmore and published by Kogan Page. A copy of the book accompanies this webinar series and will be mailed to each registered participant.

25/05/2017 to 06/07/2017
When: Thursday, May 25, 2017
1:00 PM
Where: United Kingdom
Contact: Smaranda Dochia, Head of Digital Learning, Events & Conferences

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1. Short summary of the topic

The “Psychometrics in Coaching” webinar series is based on the Association for Coaching “Psychometrics in Coaching: Using Psychological and Psychometric Tools for Development” book, 2nd edition, edited by Jonathan Passmore and published by Kogan Page. 

With a growing demand for psychometric testing in the coaching profession, coaches and practitioners alike need to understand the psychology underpinning the tests as well as how to select and apply them effectively. Published with the Association for Coaching and written by an international team of global coaching practitioners and psychometricians, Psychometrics in Coaching provides an overview of using psychometrics and providing feedback and offers clear explanations of the key models and tools used in coaching today. 

Whether you are new to using psychometric tests or an experienced practitioner, this book provides you with a deep understanding of the models, the theory and research behind them, their reliability and validity, and how to implement them as part of a wider coaching and development programme. 

A copy of the book accompanies this webinar series and will be mailed to each registered participant.


2. Topics and schedule for the webinar series:

**Live webinars will take place at: 1300hrs BST


Webinar 1: Using Psychometrics in coaching with Angelina Bennet

  • Can psychometrics add value to the process and outcomes of coaching?  
  • What are the pros and cons of using psychometrics in a coaching context?  
  • And what sort of assessment tools are available?

In this webinar we will explore the use of psychometrics in coaching from the perspective of added value and best practice.  We will look at the appropriate use of psychometrics and how they can be best positioned in the coaching relationship.  Additionally the types of psychometrics available and their typical uses will be discussed, as will the various routes to psychometric qualification.  Although we will not be looking at any particular tools, I will describe a couple of cases in which I have had mixed experiences of using psychometrics.
The webinar will be suitable for all coaches, whether or not they currently use psychometrics in their practice.


Webinar 2: Engaging Transformational Leadership with Juliette Alban-Metcalfe

In organisations, pressures on output and people are ever-increasing, while resources are decreasing. The need for leaders to maximise the potential, motivation and commitment of their teams has never been more critical for maintaining performance. 

Engaging Transformational Leadership has been shown through longitudinal research to increase productivity and innovation, at the same time as increasing employee wellbeing and reducing job-related stress. It has been successfully applied for over 15 years in organisations globally, through application of the TLQ, which assesses Engaging Transformational Leadership in a 360-degree feedback tool.

This webinar will: 

  • Outline the research behind the leadership approach
  • Describe use of the TLQ in organisations
  • Provide case studies on how it has been successfully applied to help transform leadership culture and effectiveness.

Webinar 3: Coaching with the Saville Wave with Tom Hopton

The third session in this webinar series will introduce the Saville Wave framework, focusing on its practical value in coaching and developmental interventions. It will first introduce the origins and development of the Wave approach, before honing in on the rich and practical insights which come from the Wave reporting suite. In particular, it will focus on the latest Impact approach, which uses the Wave tools to bridge the gap between specific, behaviourally-based and general, outcome-based approaches to measuring and developing leadership effectiveness. The Impact model provides an evidence-based and empirically-robust framework for assessing, coaching and developing workplace leaders. Attendees will be introduced to the Wave tools through tangible examples and practical case studies which demonstrate how the Wave tools can be leveraged to produce valuable insights.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • About the origins and use of the Wave model & framework
  • About the latest Saville Impact approach to leadership, which focuses on Professional, People and Pioneering styles of leadership
  • How the Wave tools can be used, through practical case studies
  • How to leverage the powerful Wave reporting suite to deliver coaching interventions

This will be a 60 minute live, interactive webinar hosted by Tom Hopton, Principal Consultant at Saville Assessment. Tom is a Chartered Psychologist with over ten years’ experience in psychometrics and workplace assessment. This session will combine the latest thinking in psychometric assessment with tangible, practitioner experience to provide a new perspective on coaching and developing individuals. In particular, attendees will learn about the Saville Wave model and the latest Impact approach to measuring and developing leadership effectiveness.

Recordings and slides will be made available for all registered participants.


4. Resources:

Included in the webinar series price, we will mail you the “Psychometrics in Coaching” book, 2nd edition, edited by Jonathan Passmore and published by Kogan Page for the Association for Coaching in 2012.

Psychometrics in Coaching offers expert advice on how coaches, consultants and human resource managers can use psychometrics to support and develop individuals.

“This book fills an important gap in coaching literature. Psychometric data figures increasingly in the background materials coachees bring to the learning alliance and the book provides valuable guidance on how to make safe, effective use of a wide range of instruments.” Professor David Clutterbuck, Clutterbuck Associates

 Psychometrics in Coaching is an essential resource for those seeking expert guidance from the leading writers in the field, as well as students on psychology, psychometrics, business and human resources programmes.


5. Speaker Bios

Dr Angelina Bennet

Dr Angelina Bennet is a Chartered Occupational Psychologist and Director of I Potential Ltd. Angelina and her colleagues at I Potential offer assessment, development and coaching interventions, and have particular expertise in the application of psychometric tools. Angelina has worked up to Director level, in a range of sectors including: Public and Private sector, Telecommunications, Insurance, Financial, Transport and Retail.

Her areas of expertise are in-depth profiling for senior positions, applications of the Myers-Briggs, group process facilitation, and developmental coaching. Her other specialist skills include data analysis, research design, and the creation of innovative psychometric tools. She is the lead creator of the RADAR risk attitude assessment tool. Additionally, Angelina is one of only ~70 Type Practitioners in the world qualified to use the MBTI Step 3, and is regarded as a thought leader in the field of Psychological Type.

Prior to running her own consultancy business, Angelina worked for OPP Ltd where she was involved with various consultancy projects, including the design and delivery of assessment and development centres. She was also involved in the development of several psychometric instruments and the creation of a model of the Psychological Contract for application during change and re-structuring.

Angelina studied for her BSc in Psychology with Languages at Manchester Metropolitan University and then went on to complete an MSc in Experimental Methods in Psychology. After several years working for the NHS as an Assistant Clinical Psychologist, Angelina went to Cranfield University where she completed her MSc in Applied Psychology. In 2011 she was awarded a Professional Doctorate in Occupational Psychology from London Metropolitan University. Her thesis explored developmental coaching and the further development of the Myers-Briggs model of type. She is an Ashridge accredited coach and is certified in Group Process Facilitation.

She was the President of the British Association for Psychological Type (BAPT) from 2011-2017, and is the author of ‘The Shadows of Type – Psychological Type through Seven Levels of Development’. She is also a co-author of ‘The Power of Personality’ and ‘Psychometrics in Coaching’.


Juliette Alban-Metcalfe, MSc, MSc, CPsychol

Juliette is a Chartered Occupational Psychologist and Chief Executive of Real World Group (a University of Leeds spin-out company). She has been working with Real World Group for the past 15 years, supporting leadership development with both individuals and groups up to Board level globally. She has a particular passion for positive psychology and diversity in leadership.

Juliette has helped establish Real World Group’s approach to Engaging Transformational Leadership, based on uniquely proven research involving tens of thousands of people across the world. This and subsequent research has established the common sense but often missing behaviours that distinguish leaders from managers. They are factors that drive productivity in a sustainable way, even when resources are diminishing.

Juliette speaks at various international conferences, and consults on behalf of Real World Group with organisations from the UK, North America, South East Asia and the wider Asia Pacific region. She has authored a number of articles in practitioner and peer-reviewed journals, as well as book chapters. She is co-Chair of the Thought and Action Steering Group of the UK government-sponsored Engage For Success and on the Editorial Committee of the International Congress on Leadership, Management and Governance. 

Tom Hopton

Tom Hopton is a Chartered Psychologist, Principal Consultant at Saville Assessment and a Visiting Fellow of Kingston University, London, with over ten years’ experience in psychometrics and workplace assessment. He graduated from Oxford University as an Experimental Psychologist and is a consultant and trainer to a range of global clients. As well as working on the research and development of numerous workplace assessment tools, Tom is a published author and an established presenter on subjects such as psychometric assessment, performance and leadership.

Tom joined Saville Assessment in 2007. In 2009 he became the youngest member of the Board of Directors and in 2010 relocated from the Jersey office to the London office to assume responsibility as R&D Manager. He has managed the development of numerous psychometric assessments, models and reports, including many of Saville Assessment’s aptitude tests. He has also managed a variety of research activities including Project Epsom, a major long-term validation study of personality questionnaires.

Tom is keenly interested in the psychology of high performance and in 2009 he and Professor Peter Saville published their first book together, Talent, which investigates the motivations and talents that lead to success in top-level performers. Their second book, Psychometrics @ Work, was published in 2014 and provides an accessible introduction to psychometric testing in the workplace. In 2016 their latest work, From Obscurity to Clarity in Psychometric Testing: Selected Works of Peter Saville, was published by Routledge.

Tom regularly presents his work on leadership, workplace performance and assessment at conferences, universities and other events. His work has featured internationally in magazines and newspapers, as well as on BBC radio. Tom is also the author of a range of articles, research papers, user guides and technical manuals which are used globally.

6. Price and special offers

As with all AC continuing professional events, the fees are offered at a very good value, with an extra special price for AC members.

AC member: Your investment for the entire series is only €115/£110.

Non AC member: Pay €155/£150 and you get access to the full series and ONE YEAR membership with the Association for Coaching immediately. 

For this cost, you get:

  • 60 minute interactive virtual seminar with Angelina Bennet, Juliette Alban-Metcalfe and Tom Hopton
  • The “Psychometrics in Coaching” book, 2nd edition, edited by Jonathan Passmore and published by Kogan Page for the Association for Coaching in 2012.
  • Recordings of all webinars and a copy of the slides for your own library;
  • One-year Affiliate membership with the Association for Coaching (if you are not already a member)


For any questions, please contact Smaranda Dochia, Head of Digital Learning, Events & Conferences at smaranda@associationforcoaching.com


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