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The Association for Coaching (AC) believes there is something, or someone, to celebrate every day. That's why we are delighted to feature four members each month who have made an outstanding contribution or have achieved something that should be celebrated and shared with others.

Lynda Freeman

Lynda has been a member of the AC for 12 years. Lynda is the organiser and host to the successful regional events in the West Yorkshire Region.

Lynda is dedicated to bringing excellent speakers and new interesting topics to her fellow members and non-members.

She has a wonderful gift of being able to create warm and welcoming events, enabling all participants to get the most out of every one they attend. Lynda is passionate about her coaching.

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Kate Shahid

For those of us lucky enough to know Kate you will know how much energy this lady exudes and transmits to the rest of us!

Kate is Founder and Managing Director of Mosaic Partners, a people and organisational development agency based in the North East. She has been the driving force to setting up the Coaching Exchange in the North East.

Kate is driven by helping businesses to achieve success and growth through their people. The AC Coaching Exchange creates opportunities to develop coaching standards and best practice, featuring topics and speakers that are of interest to the local coaching community.

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Sue Clarke

Sue is a long-standing AC Member and a highly valued member of the AC Assessor team. She works tirelessly to support the AC in raising and upholding standards in all areas related to AC Accreditation. She has been instrumental in reviewing and revising documentation as part of our internal process of continuous evaluation and improvement.

As an AC Accredited Professional Executive Coach, who has recently applied to upgrade to Master Executive Coach, Sue role models professional coaching behaviours and demonstrates core competencies and behaviours in all that she does. Based in Peterborough, Sue works with clients from all over the world across all levels and across multiple sectors, functions and professions.

Sue brings a pragmatic approach to the team as an experienced AC Coach Accreditation Assessor, willingly supporting others and is a delight to work with.

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Anne Calleja

Anne currently hosts the very successful AC Supervision Special Interest Group which has representation from AC Members from many countries including Portugal, Greece and Turkey. Bringing a wide variety of topics to the table for discussion, ideas from this group help to inform the AC’s overall strategy on coaching supervision.

In her capacity as AC Supervision Engagement and Development Lead, Anne supports the wider Supervision Lead Team through creating initiatives to promote supervision, supporting and initiating events and discussions and through external engagement with others in the field of coaching and supervision. She is also an AC Group Supervision Experience Call Host and an AC Supervisor Accreditation Assessor

Soon to embark on a series of special interviews for the AC, Anne is a lively and engaging member of the team who has a passion for making connections and innovating new ways of working.


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