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Last updated: 30/05/2018
Susan Frend
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United Kingdom
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  07971 536872
  Other, Personal Coaching
  Multiple Brain Coaching
  Derbyshire, Staffordshire, Birmingham, UK and global
  A lifelong seeker of truth or perpetual student! I've been on the roller coaster of personal development for over 25 years eek Training include Enneagram, TRE, EFT, Matrix and a certificate in counselling and several coaches training. Only when I found mBIT (multiple brain integration techniques) did everything come together.I now have the knowledge and process to understand myself and others because our personality is our gift and our challenge. I enjoy working with open curios individuals that know at some level they are more powerful than they been thus far. Maybe decision making is difficult, bad habits a challenge or motivation is difficult. Coaching to the head heart and gut for true integration. You can't rely on your head brain for the full picture!
  1-1 mBIT coaching and Training. Coaching typically is a head based modality, however, science now proves that we have "brains" elsewhere in our neurology. Our personalities show that we use these brains in different patterns and we can learn to have them working together for our best interest instead of our habitual way of processing our internal world.
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  Learning all things that help us understand our self-concept and how to make changes. Enneagram, TRE, EFT, Matrix, mBIT

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