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Sara Collins, Breathing Space
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Last updated: 09/04/2018
Sara Collins, Breathing Space
Professional Information
Breathing Space
United Kingdom
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  Personal Coaching
  Northamptonshire, Cambridgeshire and South Lincolnshire
  At Breathing Space I wish to provide a space in which people can pause. I have adopted a Mindful Life Coaching response to the challenge of modern living. Mindfulness encourages stepping away from reactivity. Helping to develop a deep awareness of thought patterns and their impact on how people interact with themselves and those around them. Helping them to manage with greater equanimity the stress and anxieties of 21st Century living.

I provide unbiased non-judgmental support that is pro-active positive and forward focused coupled with Mindfulness gives people a toolbox of helpful tools and techniques to use, to effectively manage the shifting challenges of life. Particularly effective in helping to change the relationship with anxiety and stress.
  Mindfulness Coaching
Mindfulness based life Coaching
Stress management
Anxiety Reduction
Personal Information
Additional Information
  I am interested in how developing Mindfulness and compassion can help people live a more balanced life. I am also a visual artist, poet and horsewoman.

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