FRANCESCA MARCHEGIANO, Marchegiano Francesca
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Last updated: 13/05/2019
FRANCESCA MARCHEGIANO, Marchegiano Francesca
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Marchegiano Francesca
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  Business Coaching, Coaching Skills Training, Executive Coaching, Group Coaching, Personal Coaching, Team Coaching
  English, Italian
  I was born in Como, in 1973. Since then, I am a wanderer. I like to explore, discover, go in a zig-zag line. I am intrigued by comforts, but I know very well the value of important things. Important things are: having a pull that covers your stomach, a plate with something warm in it to eat, and a bed where you can sleep. Everything else is just an ornament. I learned it from the guests of a psychiatric hospital and some terminal ills with whom I did my first job. Once I knew them, I have never been the same as before. That's why I walk on tiptoe as if I'm walking on a road of snow. I want to leave a footprint, a kindly impression: I do not mind raising my voice, I do not like making noise.
My passion is working with individual, groups, CEO and top managers, helping them to discover their inner gifts and supporting them in reaching their goals. My motto is: "Your Story is Your Gift".
  Through Green Coaching, I accompany people in search of their nature and of everything that can bring them to their best blossom. These are paths where Nature is a partner: as a metaphor, as a teacher, and often as a real setting where we walk together. My activity with Narrative Coaching is linked both to the teaching on the theme of Narration, in helping relationships, and to individual paths with Clients: to name scenarios, characters and details of one's story-life. To recognise it, love it, change it.
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  Green Coaching, Storytelling, Playwriting, Archetipal Branding, Hiking

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