Adrian Gorman, CTRT UK
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Last updated: 19/12/2018
Adrian Gorman, CTRT UK
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East Sussex
United Kingdom
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  Business Coaching, Health and Wellbeing Coaching, Manager Level Coaching, Personal Coaching, Team Coaching
  Sussex, Surrey and Kent
  I am former Head of Care in a residential school for children with emotional and behavioural difficulties in West Sussex. I have worked with national mental health organisations, and now work with individuals looking to make more effective choices in both their professional and personal lives.
I studied Therapeutic Recreation at the University of North Florida and I hold European Certificate of Psychotherapy (ECP).
As well as working with groups and individuals undergoing counselling certification training in the UK and USA, I have also worked with groups in Finland, Macedonia, Holland, Malta and Kuwait, where I was the Examining Instructor for the first group in Kuwait to achieve CTRTC status.
In my earlier years I served with the British Army Parachute Regiment, I am now the European Registrar for the Reality Therapy Psychotherapist Accreditation programme, and an independent trainer, coach and psychotherapy clinical practitioner.
  Adjusting to new job or way of life
Having difficulty with relationships
Having difficulty coping with stress
Grief & Loss
Work related difficulties
Depressed mood / fatigue / unwillingness
Pessimistic thoughts
  United Kingdom
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  Understanding behavior as a language

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