Tuende Erdoes, PTC Coaching
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Last updated: 22/07/2019
Tuende Erdoes, PTC Coaching
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  Board-level/C-Suite Coaching, Executive Coaching, Group Coaching
  As a full-time executive coach I am in my element when I can pass something on. What ‘Pass-I-On’ as a passion has been who I am in my core essence. What do I pass on? I found out that I was naturally drawn to solving complexity on becoming an executive coach, when I had been invited to enquire into my core essence. Hence, I became a ‘complexity coach’. The relational way. I am fascinated by systems and how humans and systems are relationally integrated as an evolving process. So, I coach clients in their complex context over time. What is the impact that organizational, business and private contexts potentially have on clients? How do clients potentially impact the contexts they navigate? I enjoy high-pressure situations and embrace the challenge of ambiguity, when things get knotty. What’s special? My diffuse brain loves improvising as I go to meet the need of successfully dealing with complexities.
  Who are clients in my compleX-it-Y coaching context?
They are strong-willed, possibly skeptical, and difficult in their unique way. They are crossing it over from GenX to GenY interested in coaching as they acknowledge the relational complexity of life. They might be

- Seeking to thrive with their talents in their complex context
- Exploring ways how they can make a healthy contribution to complex systems
- Succeeding their goals intrigued how they might leverage themselves as a context and their contexts’ potential for achieving their goals

Most importantly, they are looking to exert strategic influence beyond ROI in the complexity of their contexts. As such, I will advocate social responsibility with them as a leader, would-be leader, group or team of leaders. This is part and parcel of my practice under ethical guidelines. My clients are eager to influence the triple bottom line: people, their environment and financial sustainability.

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  I tend to be a bit of an eccentric: having fun engaging in experiments. You might find me engulfed in interior design inspired to create lasting impressions of serene spaces for learning, living and relating. Design itself may be simple, but the act of doing it is complex too: it may be art, or aesthetics, or creating culture, or the way things work, or a ‘day one’ issue and part of everything, or intelligence made visible, or freedom, or just anything done well.

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