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Last updated: 26/11/2019
Julie Fischer, Soul You Coaching
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Soul You Coaching
United States
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  Career Transition Coaching, Health and Wellbeing Coaching, Other, Personal Coaching, Team Coaching
  Soul/MIndfulness Coaching
  I am happy to coach in person or over the phone/Face time so there are no geographical restraints for clients other than English speaking.
  My mission as a coach is to help individuals and organizations discover the truth of who they are. We all have natural genius, gifts and talents that when shared make our life better
and the world around better. Your True Self is where your creativity, wisdom,
natural confidence and competence reside. It is your birth right to discover,
recover and embody them for yourself and share them with the world.
Finding our truth begins when we stop looking outside of ourselves and begin looking within. When it rises from within we find clarity and authenticity that give us no choice but to express and share with the world. This is when the magic happens. Fulfillment, blessings and abundance emerge from all of our experiences in life, even the challenging and messy ones.

My purpose is to inspire, awaken and unleash the power of the human spirit within individuals and organizations.
What are you seeking? What truth is trying to emerge through your crisis, challenges and pain?
  I provide individual, couples/ family and organizational coaching sessions. Most people, at some point, come to a crossroad in their life. They are no longer happy or content with their relationships, careers, finances or themselves. They often feel stuck, unhappy, and unsure of what to do. This is a challenging place to be. If you find or have found yourself in this situation, you are actually being called to wake up, change course and to look within to discover a deeper truth of who you are.
I believe your greatest achievement is discovering your “authentic self”. It is from this place you connect with your gifts as well as your life’s purpose.
Together, we create a space for coaching that is safe and trusting. You will be able to work through your issues in an encouraging environment where you will stand in your power and create lasting change in your life.
I also facilitate Soul Awakening Workshops and Wisdom Groups.
  United States
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  I am an avid reader and wellness enthusiast. I love exercise, yoga, and meditation. Trying new recipes and becoming adventurous in the kitchen is another favorite past time of mine. I am interested in the wellness of the mind, body and spirit and saying YES to trying all things that feed my soul and bring new energy to my life..

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