Foteini Karakasi, MENDIS
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Last updated: 20/02/2020
Foteini Karakasi, MENDIS
Professional Information
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  Career Transition Coaching, Coaching Skills Training, Health and Wellbeing Coaching, Personal Coaching
  English, German, Greek
  Attica perfecture and anywhere in the world, if the client accepts to have the session via the web.
  We follow holistic approaches, thus addressing the human as body, soul and mind and we combine energetic screening, neurofeedback and nlp practices. We are using linguistic techniques during the energetic screening for communication in order to unveil the real problem or cause of the visit. Our customers range from 10-100 years old and we support not only simple health conditions but chronic problems as well. We offer special prices for unemployed and people of low economic class and we are trying to address any case like a mutually beneficiary contract leading to a stable solution. In cases of mobility problems we visit the premises of the client. Our mission is to light up those inner processes leading to health and prosperity for every single person.
  Services relevant with transitions in personal issues (getting together with someone or splitting up), Consultations regarding skills needed to address the most suitable job for a person, Coaching for personal development thus acquiring new attributes like strenght and responsibilty of one's opinion and persuasion ability.
Personal Information
  Single, self-employed biologist with Master's degree. Living in the countryside with my family.
Additional Information
  I am a Biologist with a wide spectrum of interests ranging from microbial ecology to multivariate statistics and neurosciences. I like field trips, swimming, biking and hiking. I read literature books and watch movies. Sometimes I am occupied with handcrafts. I like the flexibility of nlp practices and I am always trying to make new correlations and give suitable examples to my clients.

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