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Last updated: 20/02/2020
alan wherrett, Keynote Speaker Ltd
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Keynote Speaker Ltd
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  public speaking and presentation skills
  Professional Speaker with the PSA and a Certified CPDSO training provider, passionate about developing business potential through coaching key communication skills.

We endeavour to lift personal or company image as well as increasing confidence by helping people to articulate themselves well.

  Public speaker training
Advanced presentation skills coaching
personal one to one coaching
In-house Presentation training provider
CPD certified Trainer
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  I enjoy working with people and watching them grow and develop. Helping people overcome nerves and increase in confidence gives me great satisfaction.
I've been told I have an easy laid back style of coaching.
Creating a relaxed learning environment and making training fun are key components in our coaching business.
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  Public Speaking

Speaking in public rarely comes naturally to most people unless they are truly charismatic and confident in themselves. Most of us, when asked to speak in front of a large gathering will fumble and stammer. The utter fear that rushes throughout your body when one is speaking publicly can be easily observed by the audience through your mannerisms. To some extent, some may even break a sweat. It’s simply not easy. The best way to overcome your fear and paranoia when speaking in public is practice. After all when you practice you become perfect. There are other ways like coaching and getting proper classes to effectively communicate in front of a crowd.

About Keynote Speaker

This is a leading firm in the UK offering such short courses on the proper way to successfully execute public speaking. They train various professionals on the ways to become more comfortable when speaking to the public. If you have ever wondered about how you can overcome your fear of speaking to a large crowd, and then look no further from these skilled coaches. They are currently located in four locations all around the UK.

They operate in the two great capitals, that is; London and Cardiff. Here, they run open public speaking courses, which to a great extent you can benefit if you happen to be interested in public speaking. The other locations are; Manchester, Bristol, and Birmingham.

Why Sign Up With Keynote Speaker Today

If you want to reach your full potential and conquer your fears as a speaker, you should be considering a Keynote Speaker. With them, you will learn how to speak with confidence and present yourself as the pinnacle of the public speaking. They help you develop an engaging skill so as to not lose your audiences’ attention while you are speaking to them. Keynote speakers help you see public speaking from a fresh perspective and with much more informed insight. They ensure that all who receive the training get individual coaching to better their speaking abilities.

Here, you learn how to fully harness your full potential and present in an appealing way that will captivate the audience regardless if an intimate crowd of a large number of people.


The director who lead public speaking coach have over 20 years of training and experience in public speaking. He has tackled different sizes of audiences to as high as 1000 people. He is also a credited member of Association of Coaching meaning that both he and his team uphold only the highest standard of coaching and training.

They also have CPD accreditation. This means that, with the change in professional life in terms of gaining CPD points or hours, they are interested in helping you reach your goal and at the same time gain practical skill s that can be applied in your particular area of expertise.


Keynote Speaker is a passionate firm that aims to help you sharpen your skills in matters of public speaking. They are passionate at teaching the secrets to effective communication. Helping you as professional in your various fields in public speaking means that your confidence level and networking skills will improve and that will be an advantage to your areas of business. Lack of proper public speaking skills and communication is a recipe for poor standards and that is their main focus in offering these courses. Whether giving a speech at a wedding, a power point presentation at the office of giving a lecture to your students, Keystone Speaker has got you covered. If you enrol today, best believe you will emerge a more experienced; more qualified public speaker at the end of your course.

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