Barry George, Impact Global Coaching LLC
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Last updated: 02/08/2019
Barry George, Impact Global Coaching LLC
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Impact Global Coaching LLC
San Francisco
United States
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  +1 415-371-9680
  Board-level/C-Suite Coaching, Business Coaching, Career Transition Coaching, Coaching Skills Training, Executive Coaching, Group Coaching, Manager Level Coaching, Personal Coaching, Team Coaching
  Global coaching through a network of affiliate coaches, sharing a common multi-lingual coaching platform.
  As a Certified Professional Coach to executives, entrepreneurs and their companies, Barry has personally coached business leaders from 32 countries. In addition to the latest research on Organizational Behavior and Development from his 2014 Masters in Science from the University of Texas at Dallas, Barry has over 30 years of operating experience building high performance teams in the technology industry including, start-ups, acquisitions, IPOs and Global 100 companies starting with his own multi-million dollar company as Founder and CEO at 26.

Designed the first comprehensive Coaching Software Portal for Coaches and their individual, team and organizational clients.

Barry draws on his leadership experience to provide real-world coaching and advisory services. As a coach, he delivers custom-tailored engagements for each executive, team and organization.
Board Coaching
Business Coaching
Career Acceleration
Coach 2 Coach
Custom Coaching
Executive Coaching
Feedback Coaching
Group Coaching
High Potential Coaching
Leadership Coaching
Legacy Coaching
Onboarding Coaching
Performance Coaching
Presentation & Communications Skill Coaching
Succession Coaching
Talent Acquisition & Development
Targeted Behavioral Coaching
Team Coaching
Work & Life Integration Coaching
Personal Information
  Barry M George Is a Certified Professional Coach + Advisor to Executives, Entrepreneurs, and their Companies. Barry has personally coached leaders from 32 countries.

Barry is a thought leader, author, and motivational speaker on topics including organizational design, employee engagement, job fit, knowledge flow, cross-generational communications, team building, human performance, work/life balance, neural linguistic programming, overcoming fear/doubt and the power of politics in business. Most recently Barry has been focusing on the “Living Legacy” project helping leaders create opportunities for change within their sphere of influence.
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