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Last updated: 20/08/2019
Steve Carr, Steve Carr Consulting
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Steve Carr Consulting
United Kingdom
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  07950 781271
  Career Transition Coaching, Executive Coaching, Group Coaching, Health and Wellbeing Coaching, Manager Level Coaching, Personal Coaching, Team Coaching
  London/South East/Via Zoom worldwide
  I am a trainer/coach/consultant and double Masters graduate from the world-famous Tavistock Clinic. My simple approach helps clients realise potential and manifest personal growth and professional progress. I have many years’ experience of teaching and leading in the public sector in the UK. I train and coach teachers via my unique ‘A Mind to Teach’ programme. I also coach management groups in collaborative approaches to team management through my “A Mind to Lead” programme. I also work 1 to 1 with a variety of clients from an Executive Architects to a Nursery School Managers. My approach is to 'come along side' clients and help them reignite their natural potential to move forward with purpose. I also have hundreds of hours of experience coaching and facilitating mens groups; helping men find emotional clarity and purpose at pinch points in their personal and/or professional lives.
  Manager Level Coaching: managing self and others “in role” at work.
Teachers/Educators Professional development/Mental Health and Well Being: Inspiring Disparate groups in the classroom and staff room.
Men's Emotional Health, relationship coaching sense of purpose.
Personal Coaching; offering clients “A mind to think…” and find clarity around relationships, personal growth and professional goals.
Team/Group Coaching; helping groups and teams understand the empowering or derailing effects of group dynamics.
  United Kingdom
Personal Information
  I have had successful careers as a media business leader, writer, teacher and school leader. As a double Masters graduate from London's famous Tavistock Clinic I have extensive knowledge and understanding of psychodynamic psychology and how it helps individuals, teams and organisations to clear a path to clarity, purpose and productivity. I use this knowledge to help teachers, leaders and individuals take charge of themselves and inspire others and to work more intuitively to complete tasks, negotiate change and fulfil personal and professional goals. My work is enriched by a long journey of personal therapy and sustained mentoring. I know how it feels to be a client. I have a clear idea of how to create and hold a space in which new ideas can be realised, explored and implemented.
I have a successful marriage of 30 years and three children who I love. I aspire to make life a fun and purposeful journey of personal and professional growth. I aspire to be grounded enough to take risks and to step into the unknown with faith and confidence. I love music, Monty Python, Breaking Bad.
Additional Information
  Psychology, Personal and Professional Development. The development of an Educational policy and curriculum that is underpinned by the relationship between 'whole' teacher and child. Men's work; helping men find emotional clarity and empowering them to make a positive difference in their personal and family life and helping them find mission and purpose in the world.

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