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Last updated: 11/02/2020
Amanda Salvara, The Coaching Community
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The Coaching Community
United Kingdom
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  Personal Coaching
  Can do session online or at London based meeting rooms located in Farringdon or Liverpool Street
  Certified coach and hypnotherapist based in London, who uses an integrative approach to coaching and personal development.

Currently working towards BACP accreditation for counselling and psychotherapy whilst volunteering at local and nationwide charities.

For me, personal development is a unique process for the individual and with the basis that no one is broken and no one needs fixing, within sessions I like to look at understanding where the client is at, their personal goals, the possibilities and actions working towards them.
  Within sessions, we explore obstacles, behaviours and thought patterns that are holding you back from your goals and work towards long term change, using do-able actions and personalised exercises. The more in-depth sessions using neuro-semantics and clinical hypnotherapy, where the client is provided a safe space to explore deep-rooted belief systems and ‘reprogram’ those that are no longer serving them.
  United Kingdom
Personal Information
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  In parallel to this work, I have been a developer and strategist for innovation, tech and leadership businesses as well as a musician who performs, mentors and facilitates budding musicians. What draws me to personal development and serving others is experiencing and witnessing the possibilities of transformation and become increasingly aware of the nuances that goes into the catalysts required for change in individuals, as well as personal experience, within work and personal expression.

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