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Last updated: 30/12/2019
Grant Williamson
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New Farm
  Board-level/C-Suite Coaching, Business Coaching, Career Transition Coaching, Coaching Skills Training, Executive Coaching, Group Coaching, Health and Wellbeing Coaching, Manager Level Coaching, Personal Coaching, Team Coaching
  Face-to-face in Brisbane, world wide via internet
  I have enjoyed numerous leadership roles during my career. This leadership is aimed at growing those I am responsible for. Leadership must be adaptable, as no one style of leadership can ever handle all scenarios, but fundamentally based on a coaching model. There are certainly times when a leader must assume the front position, however, there are many more situations where significant gains will be made through the leader supporting, challenging and trusting their colleagues. It is through these coaching practices personal growth will occur and the outcomes are more likely to exceed expectations. Quality leadership with all aspects of learning is crucial and needs to focus on the development of those who have the responsibility of leading others in the learning journey.
  Unfortunately, change and change management comes with significant baggage, most of which is counterproductive and damaging. The language associated with change and change management is interpreted as a negative language, a language that sends constant messages that change is difficult and abnormal.
We are naturally inquisitive and are constant learners. We use our various senses to gather information and then use this information to adjust our view of our world. This is learning.
We know that individuals learn in a variety of ways depending on the physical and emotional scenario that are associated with the information collection and processing. Learning can be passive through to dramatic. However, few would argue the value of learning and that learning is continuous from 'cradle to grave'.
The outcome of learning is change. Instead of focusing on change we need to build on the positive profile of learning through coaching!
Personal Information
  Grant Williamson, M. Ed. Admin., B. Ed., Dip. T., is the Assistant Directors (School Services) at Independent Schools Queensland (ISQ).
A significant part of Grant’s career has been in the independent school system where he has successfully undertaken roles in all aspects of education – academic leadership, pastoral leadership, co-curricular leadership and business leadership.
Grant’s experience includes twelve years of senior leadership in a multi-campus K-12 independent school and six years as the headship of a ‘stand-alone’ independent, K-12, co-educational school. Grant has a wealth of experience in all aspects of schooling K-12.
Independent schools are multi-million dollar companies and sound business practices must apply. Effective systems, structures and processes are vital. Grant has extensive experience and understanding of the three levels of operation of any organisation - strategic, tactical and operational.
Grant has met the challenges that are associated with making, then managing, fundamental change for a number of years. Grant’s effective work as a coach, mentor and consultant includes businesses other than education.
Additional Information
  Learning (Research skills, Skills transfer)
Leadership (Adaptability, Making, then managing, fundamental change, Coaching and mentoring, Performance management, Establishing and facilitating effective and collaborative teams, Recruitment, Organisational structure review and development, Leadership trainin
Corporate Governance (Strategic planning, Master planning, Business planning, Business excellence principles, Governance training and coaching, Organisation performance indicators)

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