Pippa Simou, The ADD-vantage
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Last updated: 01/04/2020
Pippa Simou, The ADD-vantage
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The ADD-vantage
United Kingdom
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  Health and Wellbeing Coaching, Personal Coaching
  Pippa’s ADHD journey began when her son was diagnosed in Year 5. She found help and support from a specialist local charity. It was a steep, but welcome learning curve as it brought understanding, shining a light on what was behind his behaviour and how to help him manage his symptoms more effectively. Pippa was introduced to QbTech who developed QbCheck though the ADHD Foundation. Although she was aware she struggled with attention and could be impulsive, she did not suspect that she had ADHD until she undertook the QbCheck out of interest and discovered her symptoms were very high, which led to a formal diagnosis in 2017. Late diagnoses such as these are too often the case for many girls and women this can be very damaging. Pippa is passionate about using her experience to help girls and women in particular grow into their symptoms and learn to see ADHD as a strength, fuelling their drive and success.
  Personal Coaching is a process that aims to improve a situation for the individual and focuses on the ‘here and now’ rather than on the past or future. It is aimed at adults 18+ and requires a series of appointments, (typically 6-8 weekly sessions of 60 minutes) but can be flexible. It is specifically goal-focused, where strategies are suggested and explored, mutually agreed, practised and evaluated to improve symptom management and quality of relationships.
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Mother of 2
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  Apart from ADHD, exercise is essential to my well being and I enjoy running and circuit training. I also enjoy entertaining friends and family, baking and cooking from scratch.

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