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Dr Chris Lam
Regional Chair, Greater China

The setting up of the Association for Coaching in Greater China in 2016 recognises and marks the milestone in coaching development in China and globally.

The AC in Greater China is founded on the principles of champion of coaching excellence and ethics. We fulfil the global vision that there will be best practice in coaching everywhere in the world. AC in Greater China honours traditional Chinese culture, at the same time we determine that coaching can only thrive when there are rules and standards to ensure professionalism and fair play.  AC in Greater China pledges to advance partnership and connectivity for the success of coaches and coaching with and amongst fellow associates, professional organisations and enterprises in China and everywhere in the world. Today in the Greater China, we are more confident than ever that coaching open up the space and energy for every person and enterprise to discover, refresh and create. Together we lead coaching development in the Greater China to new ground.

Regional Chair, Italy

The AC in Italy was established in 2013 and was warmly welcomed by our Italian  members and the wider coaching community within Italy. The objective of the AC in Italy is to encourage professional development through skill-sharing initiatives with the ultimate aim of coaches being fully recognised at institutional levels.  The AC in Italy:

  • continually promotes refresher workshops to allow members to exchange current best practice in coaching to achieve the very highest possible standards;
  • promotes the recognition and development of the professional capabilities of all its coaches, believing this to be a significant contribution to personal, professional, entrepreneurial and social development of the global reality of 21st Century Italy.

Luís San Martin
Regional Chair, Spain

The AC in Spain was first established in with the objective of promoting excellence and ethics in coaching to those members and the wider community involved in coaching within Spain. We are strongly rooted in our global organisation and have strong international ties.

The AC in Spain mirrors the purpose and ethos of the AC. Our organizational culture is centred around coaching professionals in many ways including;

  • delivering professional standards and a process by which we ensure that best practice and standards within the coaching industry;
  • encouraging a real community with our members in Spain providing the opportunity to participate in our local and international events, accreditation schemes and online engagement.

Umut Ahmet Tarakci
Regional Chair, Turkey

The AC in Turkey started key activities and reaching out to coaches with a group of devoted coaches in October 2015. Since that time, we have been working on a number of studies to put coaching into scientific standards, to promote them amongst the coaching audience and more specifically to support coaches in Turkey.  The AC in Turkey continues to:

  • work with the Turkish media in order to communicate and promote good coaching practices;
  • utilise different platforms and events to explain coaching and best practice, harness speakers and experts within the coaching fields across different sectors and industries;
  • take the AC and combine it with local knowledge and culture to provide a unique offering to Turkish members of the AC;
  • offer a standard, free coaching programme that reaches thousands of students.
Regional Chair, UK

In 2002, the Association for Coaching (AC) was born in the UK. Founded by Katherine Tulpa and Alex Szabo, it immediately attracted talented coaching pioneers and leaders who shared the same vision, to address the needs of the emerging UK professional coaching community.

From 2002 to 2009 the Global Board members and the Founding AC UK leadership team evolved the AC, innovating new products, books, services, events and ground breaking coaching conferences. The team soon attracted leaders and coaches from across the world that set the AC on the pathway to global influence, impact and scale.

In 2009, the Global Board stepped into new central leadership roles and the UK AC team took on the baton of supporting the UK coaching profession. During this period, the UK has continued to develop, evolve and thrive. The focus has remained on delivering professional value added services and products to members.

1st July 2017 the AC UK once again becomes an integrated part of the AC as we evolve our professional delivery model. This strategic decision enables the AC to further enhance its offerings as we intend to grow the AC coaching communities in every country in the World.

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