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Group Supervision Experience Calls - Podcasts  Group Supervision Experience Calls - Podcasts

Welcome from AGCSE hosts

  1. Click here to hear a welcome from AGCSE Host Benita Treanor, inviting you to join one of the calls, to share best practice, hints and tips with fellow Coaches (532KB, 1.21 minutes)
  2. Click here to hear a welcome from ACGSE Host Anne Calleja, telling us about how these calls are a forum for reflection and the types of issues that are shared (997KB, 2.30 minutes)
  3. Click here to hear some reflections from JC Gentilly, a participant on the ACGSE calls, about the three aspects of supervision (1MB, 3.19 minutes)
  4. Click here to hear a welcome from ACGSE Host Angela Dunbar, speaking about the diversity of the people that attend the AGCSE calls (727KB, 1.49 minutes)
  5. Click here to hear a welcome from ACGSE Host Marie Faire sharing how the calls give an opportunity to experience and explore coaching practice (934KB, 0.44 minutes)
  6. Click here to hear a welcome from ACGSE Host Jo Birch inviting members to join this taste of Group Supervision to explore any part of your work as a Coach and how it affects you when in front of a client (2.58 minutes)

An example ACGSE call

To listen to an AC Group Supervision Experience call, please click here

All calls are uniquely different so this represents an example of what might happen and how.

This particular call had the theme of creativity as a focus:

Creativity is generally considered a vital skill for success in the 21st century. As coaches, we need not only to be creative in our approaches with clients, but also to foster creativity within our clients. But what exactly is creativity? It is an elusive spark that can be difficult to define, and can be viewed in many ways, for instance as a gift bestowed on us; a skill to exercise; a technique to learn; or a choice to make.  In this supervision session, we invite you to bring your coaching client stories, questions and dilemmas where you feel creativity plays an important part.

During the session each of the three participants shared their issues and questions around:

  • When the opportunity to contract and/or agree outcomes doesn’t seem to present itself at the start of a coaching session
  • Do I need to be preparing more for coaching sessions, or go with the flow of that creative ‘pull’ in sessions?
  • The space between coaching sessions – what to do when there is a gap

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