Meet the Supervisor: New Perspectives on Supervision
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Digital Learning Meet the Supervisor: New Perspectives on Supervision

Meet the Supervisor

Welcome to the “Meet the Supervisor: New Perspectives on Supervision” series of interviews, hosted by the Association for Coaching (AC).

This new Digital Learning programme is designed to open up the world of Coaching Supervision. We will showcase a range of styles and approaches that will help Coaches choose the kind of supervision appropriate for themselves and help Supervisors gain new insights, develop themselves and their practice.

We have invited Anne Calleja Supervision Lead at the Association for Coaching, to lead us through a series of interviews with Coaching Supervisors. She will highlight the thinking styles and strategies used by Supervisors with a unique use of the NLP modelling process** to elicit ‘mastery’ in the work of a Coaching Supervisor.

This series of interviews is aimed at Coaches wanting to know more about different styles of supervision, to help them choose the kind of supervision best suited to their needs. It is also for Coaches who are thinking about becoming supervisors, and for Supervisors who want to develop their practice.

The Interviews

On this page, you can watch short clips from the recorded interviews.

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Leadership and Coaching Supervision with Elaine Patterson

In this video, Anne Calleja, interviews Executive Coach and Supervisor, Elaine Patterson, about her special brand of creative leadership supervision, ‘Reflect to Create’. Elaine explains that it’s all about understanding the “heartset, soulset and mindset of supervision”.


Performance and Coaching Supervision with Clive Steeper

In this video, Anne Calleja, interviews Executive Coach and Supervisor Clive Steeper, about how we do what we do as coaching supervisors. Clive talks about his performance-driven approaches to supervision practice and what drives him to offer supervision to other coaches.


Clean Language and Coaching Supervision with Angela Dunbar

In this video, Anne Calleja, interviews Angela Dunbar, Accredited Coach and Supervisor, about how she uses the ‘clean’ approach to supervision practice. Angela shares the models that she uses in her clean and non-directive coaching approach.


Medical Coaching Supervision with Maggie João

In this video, Anne Calleja, interviews Medical Coach and Supervisor Maggie João, about the approach she uses in her Medical Coaching Supervision practice. Medical Coaching helps people on their medical journeys, especially after a cure when they still have emotional wounds that they need support with. Maggie explains all that and more.


Mind Based Coaching Supervision with Dr. Henry Campion

In this video, Anne Calleja, interviews Dr Henry Campion, a University Accredited Coach Supervisor, about his mind-based approach to coaching supervision. Henry’s supervision practice is influenced by his past experience working at the BBC and also the wellbeing triangle described by Dan Siegel - Relationship, the mind and the brain-body system.


The Interviewer

Interviewer AnneAnne is an AC Contributor: Supervision Lead on Engagement & Development and Chair of the Supervision Special Interest Group. She is a Leadership Coach, Psychotherapist, NLP Master Practitioner, and Accredited Coaching Supervisor.

In her practice, The Leading Business, Anne works with Senior Management and their teams in both the public and private sectors enabling them to excel in what they do.

Through her many years of experience she has observed how effective people lead and manage. By 'modelling' these thinking styles, Anne enables individuals and leaders to develop effective thinking strategies. She brings a unique blend of psychotherapy and business acumen to inform her work.

She also holds Practitioner Diplomas in Psychotherapy, (UKCP and BACP registered), Ericksonian and Clinical Hypnotherapy and uses these and other models to facilitate learning and change. Anne is a registered Supervisor for both Therapists and Coaches.

Your Learning Journey

The learning journey doesn’t end here. Please join us on the AC Digital Learning Group to share your thoughts and key takeaways from these interviews. We want to know how does this benefit you and answer any questions.

We really look forward to continuing the conversation around Coaching Supervision with you there!

For any questions, comments or feedback, please contact Smaranda Dochia, Director of Digital Learning & Events.

**NLP Modelling is the process of recreating, replicating excellence. This enables us to develop individuals, groups and organisations. We can model any human behaviour by mastering the beliefs, the physiology and the specific thought processes (that is the strategies) that underlie a skill or behaviour. One can achieve an outcome by studying how someone else goes about it and then replicating that.


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