Remembering Sir John Whitmore
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About Us Remembering Sir John Whitmore

 It is with great sadness that we share that Sir John Whitmore, one of the forefathers of our coaching profession, has peacefully passed away.  John was a pioneer, a visionary and to us a legend. He was a proud AC Global Ambassador; to us he was far more than a figurehead or a picture on a website. John believed in the AC, its purpose, vision and the people within the community. He challenged us to think bigger, to dream further and to aspire to make our world that little better. John would often tell us that his purpose and the purpose in life is to contribute to humanity – we took this to heart and hardwired this into the AC’s sense of purpose, vision and contribution.He was courageous in the way he shared his views, forthright in his convictions, beliefs and vision for   a better world. He believed wholeheartedly that the profession of coaching could and should make a huge positive, sustainable and lasting difference in our world. We think he called that right and we thank him for inspiring us and the many thousands of others who make up our wonderful profession.


In March 2016, Katherine, Alex and I took the opportunity to spend a day with John. We listened, laughed, cried and recalled many wonderful memories that we had collectively shared. We listened intently to John as he shared the richness of his life journey, the lessons learnt and the hopes he kept dear. On that day we presented John with a very special award the ‘John Whitmore Coaching Legacy Award – in Recognition of his Exceptional Contribution’  as our way to show our gratitude and thanks for all that he has done in laying the foundations for our profession.  

We know that John touched many lives in many ways and so in July we will be sharing your memories of John in our AC coaching magazine. We would love to hear your stories on how you met him, how he inspired, challenged and left a mark with you. Please send your stories to who will collate all the stories and we will find a way to share these.
In 2013 I took the opportunity to capture John’s life story for current and future generations to enjoy and learn from, I wanted people to be as inspired as I and we have been by this remarkable human being – we hope that you enjoy listening to John tell his life story in his words .
John, thank you, thank you, thank you…you lit the path for us to follow.

Darren Robson

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