Sue Stockdale to be honoured among 100 women first
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On 19th July our own Sue Stockdale, Deputy Editor of Coaching Perspectives, Master Coach, and AC Supervisor, was honoured along with 99 other women at the launch of the 100 First Women project in celebration of the centenary of UK women getting the vote. 


You may not know that as well as being a great Master Coach, Sue is a polar adventurer and athlete. Sue became the first British woman to ski to magnetic North Pole in 1996 when she was 29 years old.  The trek took 30 days in -40 degrees centigrade temperatures.  James Clark Ross was the first person to locate magnetic North Pole in 1831. Only a handful of women have ever made it there.


It took 10 years for photographer Anita Corbin to realise her aim of celebrating the achievements of women by photographing 100 women who were all first in their field.  The exhibition of Corbin’s inspiring portraits is at the Royal College of Art, London SW11 4AN from 20 July - 22 August 2018.  The book, 100 First Women Portraits, includes a short biography of these special women. An interview with Corbin is available here - interview.   For more information visit


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