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Last updated: 13/07/2018
Madeline McQueen, Narratively Limited
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Narratively Limited
United Kingdom
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  Business Coaching, Executive Coaching, Personal Coaching
  England, USA, UAE, EU
  As an executive coach I pride myself on empowering my clients to achieve more. My mission is simple; to get you from where you are now, to where you want to go, whilst helping you find your how. I work with my clients to discover the clarity they need to achieve the results they want for professional success.

My natural ability to create a space for clients to see their personal greatness and unlock their potential has allowed me to work with clients across sectors with powerful results.

I’m person centred and solution focused, challenging and championing my clients through the coaching process with warmth and humour.

I’ve managed teams in pressurised sales environments, co-founded and run my own businesses and worked with organisations and individuals. I understand the challenges that leadership brings whether with peers, teams or superiors. This gives me a unique insight to support leaders and emerging leaders with confidence, communication and strategy.
  Confidence Building – Helping clients find clarity in their objectives and thinking so that they can experience greater confidence and in turn feel empowered to achieve at a higher level. Using evidence based confidence building techniques to improve performance and productivity and, ultimately, increasing the organisations ROI. Using the clients existing achievements and confidence to bolster areas where confidence is diminished or non existent. Helping clients to achieve their aims through improving their emotional intelligence.
Communication Skills – using questioning skills to help clients garner better answers and buy-in from colleagues and stakeholders. Helping clients use body language and physiology to improve professional impact.
Strategic Planning – Using her practical, logical and organisational skills to help develop improved strategic thinking and planning.
  United Kingdom
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