Group Supervision Experience Calls
Group Supervision Experience Calls  Group Supervision Experience Calls

A member benefit

The Association for Coaching provides a Group Supervision Experience service for members on the third Thursday of every month, and sometimes more often. The calls are held via video link or low-cost teleconference line and are facilitated by experienced AC Coaches and Supervisors who donate an hour of their time to support fellow AC Members. The calls are available to all AC Members across the world. Through attending a call, AC Members will have:

  • the opportunity to experience supervision
  • access to the benefits of supervision in a group setting
  • an opportunity to connect with other AC Members and share our practice
  • a setting in which client work and ethical issues can be explored
  • the chance to work with a highly experienced Supervisor who hosts the call

The calls last for one hour with a maximum of five participants. AC Group Supervision Experience calls are designed to offer Members a taste of what supervision is like and what can be gained from participating in it. Sometimes the calls are offered with a theme, eg Values in our Practice.

How can I book a call?

Places on the call need to be booked in advance. Please contact to book your place on a call.

What else do I need to know?

We recommend that you read ‘Top Tips for Participating in an AC Group Supervision Experience Call’, which gives more information about what to expect and how to prepare.

Do the calls count as supervision for AC Coach Accreditation?

Participation in these calls counts towards your annual Continuous Professional Development. They are designed as a supervision taster and are not intended to replace full professional supervision. Members should engage in a long-term relationship with an appropriately trained and experienced supervisor; this is an essential requirement for AC Coach Accreditation. Further information about AC Coach Accreditation can be found by attending on the Coach Accreditation Webinars that are held regularly. Separate Coach Accreditation Support Calls are available for those members who have started the accreditation process and have questions about their individual AC Coach Accreditation application.

Who will host the call?

Your host for the Group Supervision Experience will be one of the following volunteers. Each name is linked to the supervisor’s entry in the AC Directory.

Angela Dunbar
Benita Treanor
Clive Steeper
Eve Turner
Jane Lewis
Jo Birch
Jo Smith
Lorenza Clifford
Maggie Joao
Marie Faire
Michelle Lucas
Sarah Gilbert



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The ACGSE calls are well received and some feedback can be found by clicking on the button below.

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