What is Co-coaching?
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The Association for Coaching (AC) understands that as coaches it’s important for us to practise our coaching. Co-coaching allows us to experiment with new techniques, learn from others, update our skills and provide us with Continuing Professional Development (CPD). It is also an opportunity to connect with fellow coaches from all walks of life in a safe and inclusive environment.

Co-coaching is a three-way learning opportunity; working in triads, participants can take turns as a Coach; a Client and as an Observer to learn, provide feedback and gain multiple perspectives.

To ensure that all coaches have the opportunity to experience Co-coaching we offer regular face-to-face and virtual Co-coaching Forums.

Co-coaching is a member benefit. This means that AC members wanting to attend an AC Co-coaching Forum may do so at no extra cost as this is part of the AC Member Benefits. We also welcome non-members at our Co-coaching Forums. Non-members can attend up to 3 taster Co-coaching Forum sessions.

Face-to-Face Co-coaching Forums

There are a growing number of face-to-face Co-coaching Forums. Why not attend your local Forum to experience Co-coaching.

To find your nearest Forum use the dropdown menu below.

Group Facilitator/s David Orren
Contact Details davidorren@btinternet.com
Group Facilitator/s Karen Kimberley
Contact Details kk@karenkimberley.co.uk
Group Facilitator/s Lorenza Clifford
Jemma Barton
Contact Details newburyco-coaching@associationforcoaching.com
Group Facilitator/s Vanessa Wears
Stephen Bailey
Contact Details vanessa@associationforcoaching.com
Group Facilitator/s Joanna Harper
Rob Lelliott
Christina Wyatt
Contact Details joanna@associationforcoaching.com
Group Facilitator/s David Orren
Contact Details davidorren@btinternet.com
Group Facilitator/s Tracy Filler
Contact Details tracyf@associationforcoaching.com
Group Facilitator/s Vanda Morgan
Angie Hicks
Dale Sizer
Contact Details cambridgeshireco-coaching@associationforcoaching.com
Group Facilitator/s Suzanne White
Helene Musso
Contact Details brentwoodco-coaching@associationforcoaching.com
Group Facilitator/s Nicola Callan
Contact Details harrogateco-coaching@associationforcoaching.com
Group Facilitator/s Simon Foster
Debbie Liles
Steve Goldstein
Contact Details simon@simonfosterconsulting.co.uk
Group Facilitator/s Caroline Hart
Melody Cheal
Contact Details carolineh@associationforcoaching.com
Group Facilitator/s Paul Bennett
Tracey Bennett
Contact Details odchoicesltd@gmail.com
Group Facilitator/s Anette Lundebye
Fiona Pawley
Contact Details anettel@associationforcoaching.com
Group Facilitator/s Jo Dealey
Sara Thornton
Contact Details jod@associationforcoaching.com
Group Facilitator/s Karina Hulstrom
Eva Jolly
Contact Details karina@associationforcoaching.com
Group Facilitator/s Ann Ratcliffe
Nicola Stewart
Contact Details annr@associationforcoaching.com
Group Facilitator/s Amy Stabler
Ruth Leggett
Contact Details amy.stabler@newcastle.ac.uk
Group Facilitator/s Dorothy Foote
Contact Details dorothy@associationforcoaching.com
Group Facilitator/s Charmaine Roche
Gemma Crofts
Contact Details charmaine@associationforcoaching.com
Group Facilitator/s Tom Dillon
Contact Details warwickshireco-coaching@associationforcoaching.com
Group Facilitator/s Mandy Gutsell
Contact Details stourbridgeco-coaching@associationforcoaching.com
Group Facilitator/s June O'Driscoll
Contact Details june@thoughtitude.co.uk
Group Facilitator/s Tony Nutley
Contact Details tony@ukcpd.net
Group Facilitator/s Brian Shanks
Stephen Hibbard
Contact Details aberdeenco-virtucoaching@associationforcoaching.com
Group Facilitator/s Caroline Knight
Lisa Jones
Contact Details caroline@associationforcoaching.com
Group Facilitator/s Mary Hughes
Contact Details uswcommercial@southwales.ac.uk
Group Facilitator/s Stephanie Harvie
Contact Details stephanie@associationforcoaching.com
Group Facilitator/s Tom Armstrong
Marie Lord
Contact Details tom@associationforcoaching.com

To register your place on a Co-coaching Forum, click the button below.


Due to COVID-19 all face-to-face Forums will operate virtually until it is safe to hold face-to-face Forums.

Co-Coaching Forums

Virtual Co-coaching forum

Virtual Co-coaching Forums

We have a number of Virtual Co-coaching Forums taking place, as we appreciate it’s not always possible to attend a face-to-face Forum. Experience Co-coaching all from the comfort of your own space and device.

View a list of the Virtual Co-coaching Forums on offer using the dropdown menu:

Group Facilitator/s Jo Smith
Ben Dowman
Jane Ferris
Michelle Lucas
Angela Dunbar
Louise Emerson
Maren Frank
Bev Cousins
Contact Details jo@associationforcoaching.com
Group Facilitator/s Jacqueline Davis
Mat Daniel
Contact Details jacquelined@associationforcoaching.com
Group Facilitator/s Kate Hargreaves
Contact Details kate@associationforcoaching.com

To register your place on a Co-coaching Forum, click the button below.


All AC Co-coaching Forums are run by experienced Facilitators who are coaches themselves and who follow the AC Coaching Competency Framework and adhere to the Global Code of Ethics for Coaches & Mentors. If you are interested in becoming a facilitator please let us know by contacting us here.

What Co-coaching Forum Participants Say

Don’t just take our word for it, click here to read what our Forum Participants say about AC Co-coaching.

Co-Coaching Forums


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