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The Association for Coaching (AC) believes there is something, or someone, to celebrate every day. That's why we are delighted to feature four members each month who have made an outstanding contribution or have achieved something that should be celebrated and shared with others.

Sonya Shellard

Sonya Shellard is a highly experienced and creative coach who is a credit to the coaching profession. She is an active member of the AC and Co-Founder of #RideTheWave, an innovative and inspiring Professional Coach Training Programme which has recently been awarded ACCT status. Attendees on #RTW are supported through to the successful completion of their individual AC accreditation with the provision of training, guidance and coaching supervision. This AC accredited programme has been designed to increase the diversity of the coaching profession within the UK. On each programme there are two Social Good places which are provided free to people who work with under-represented or vulnerable groups and who will use their coaching skills to reach out to support less advantaged members of society. The programme encourages reverse mentoring attracting people in their 20s through to their 60s (& beyond!), working together to address today's key challenges. Sonya was nominated by a fellow member, Lucy Mullins.

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Marcella Lazarus

Marcella Lazarus is part of our AC NSW Leadership Team. As the AC Webinar Coordinator, she has worked incredibly hard to create an excellent series of webinars for the AC. She had never had any experience of doing this before and has spent many hours learning how to manage and deliver these seamlessly. Marcella has a very busy coaching practice but, nevertheless, has found the time to devote to the AC to give us all outstanding professional development opportunities with these webinars. Marcella is always cheerful and helpful - and has worked tirelessly for the AC. Marcella was nominated by a fellow member, Monica Cable.

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Helen Sieroda

Helen Sieroda is committed to creating a fairer and more sustainable world through coaching, this is so desperately needed in our times. Helen has founded a coaching training (through the Wise Goose School of Coaching) that has ethics deeply embedded in its vision. Helen’s vision is that we as coaches are supporting a shift in consciousness amongst our clients and encouraging people to treat themselves and others with compassion, to learn to deeply listen to their own intuition and those around them, to build a more collaborative world, organisation, or way of working, and be more inclusive. The coaching model Helen teaches, encourages a movement away from a traditional top hierarchical way of thinking, working and managing, that feeds into developing a much fairer and more sustainable world. Helen’s training takes participants on a deep personal journey which empowers them to transform their lives and gives them the skills to support others to do the same. Helen was nominated by Thea Platt

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Stephanie Harvie

Stephanie Harvie has been running Belfast's co-coaching forum for two years. She kick-started this group by finding a wonderful city centre venue and by promoting the events. She makes everyone who comes along feel welcome straight away. She has welcomed and created a community of coaches who support and learn from each other. Sometimes when people attend for the first time, they are a little unsure about what to expect. Stephanie creates such a safe environment that first-time nerves and apprehension are gone in minutes. We get the chance to practise, observe, give and receive feedback on our coaching. We are able to explore approaches, themes and learnings in a non-judgemental way. I appreciate the work that Stephanie puts into the group in terms of preparation, facilitation and delivery. Every meeting is a learning experience that supports and advances the ethics of coaching, as well as building great relationships and even friendships. I'm so grateful to Stephanie for her dedication to creating this important and thoughtful learning space. Stephanie was nominated by a fellow AC member, Jenny McConnell.

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