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The Association for Coaching (AC) believes there is something, or someone, to celebrate every day. That's why we are delighted to feature four members each month who have made an outstanding contribution or have achieved something that should be celebrated and shared with others.

Caroline Hart

I have known Caroline from the beginning of her journey as a coach, initially as her supervisor and more recently seeing Caroline in action at networking and other events. Caroline for over 10 years has coordinated the West Kent Co-Coaching at various venues including her own home for one spell of time. Caroline throws herself into anything she does and her authenticity shines through being a very vivacious character. Caroline continues to learn new skills to support her life coaching which also includes being a laughter coach. Caroline’s meetings are a pleasure to be at and once more we learn a lot at the same time too.

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Carolyn Hills

Carolyn leads the coaching scheme within North Somerset Council. Her passion and commitment to coaching, as a means of supporting and development of staff are evident as soon as the topic crops up! Carolyn has not only enabled myself and other employees to undertake coaching courses but has just completed level 7. Due to this investment of her time and efforts, it seems another demonstration her passion for embedding coaching at all levels within the Council and partner agencies. I appreciate and have benefited from Carolyn’s coaching skills and wish to celebrate her contribution to all of us who have qualified, those coachees that have been supported at a time of change and this organisation’s strategies to be more effective.

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Sile Walsh

Sile is a dedicated and inspiring coach who I have had the pleasure of working alongside as well as experienced and seen the fruits of her work. In my opinion Sile is a game changer in the field of Coaching due to her passion for people, systems and learning. Sile is quick to talk to others of coaching, to broaden peoples awareness and understanding of the profession, is honest and passionate in her approach and goes above and beyond in her commitment to coaching. She deserves to be nominated and to be highlighted.

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Liz Ford

I'd like to nominate Liz Ford for her commitment to setting up and running the Co-Coaching group in Bradford for over 10 years. She rarely missed a session and put an amazing amount of work into it. She inspired others to be better coaches, to be more reflective and to value their own development. she showed great leadership and attracted a great team to support her who all brought an amazing array of experience for us to benefit from.

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