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The Association for Coaching (AC) believes there is something, or someone, to celebrate every day. That's why we are delighted to feature four members each month who have made an outstanding contribution or have achieved something that should be celebrated and shared with others.

Lindsey Wheeler

Lindsey is extremely supportive to me and to other members of our co-coaching group and to her clients. She gives tirelessly of her time - at her own expense often - and volunteers at the Slough Executive Job Club where she helps many people find new work and even finds people work after absences of nearly 20 years. She is an excellent coach, hardworking, intuitive, kind, humble and charitable but equally she is no pushover.

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Smaranda Dochia

Having collaborated with Smaranda for about a year, now, as both a participant and as a guest on a number of webinars and online training, her professionalism, enthusiasm and creativity have made a big difference to not only my own experience; evidently, the experience of countless others. Smaranda is a gifted and talented contributor to the Association for Coaching global community as well as a generous communicator of her ideas and knowledge.

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Sharon Morse

Sharon organises and contributes to the local co-coaching forum. Sharon works tirelessly on behalf of the group. She sets up each meeting, makes sure there is productive learning and development for us all and shares her own knowledge and resources where appropriate. She is professional, well organised and welcoming. She continues to support our coaching progression, including Christmas celebrations and during her house move and the arrival of 2 children!

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Terrell Jenkins

Terrell Jenkins is celebrating his 4th graduating class at the Life Coach School of Arkansas. His school has produced authors & speakers helping them to brand themselves and market them across the country. Mr. Jenkins is a phenomenal instructor and has the best Life Coach School in the world. He needs to be celebrated for helping so many coaches achieve their goals.

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Suggested recognition nomination categories are:

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