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Umut Ahmet Tarakci

Regional Chair

The AC in Turkey started key activities and reaching out to coaches with a group of devoted coaches in October 2015. Since that time, we have been working on a number of studies to put coaching into scientific standards, to promote them amongst the coaching audience and more specifically to support coaches in Turkey.  The AC in Turkey continues to:

  • work with the Turkish media in order to communicate and promote good coaching practices;
  • utilise different platforms and events to explain coaching and best practice, harness speakers and experts within the coaching fields across different sectors and industries;
  • take the AC and combine it with local knowledge and culture to provide a unique offering to Turkish members of the AC;
  • offer a standard, free coaching programme that reaches thousands of students.

Umut is the Chair of AC Turkey and Co-founder of the House of Human and BUBA Campus. He is the writer of “Mastering of Life: Happiness”, “Professional Coaching” books and is currently authoring “Coaching Tools for Managers”. He is the co-creator of first Turkish Coaching Model “KAMÇI!”. He has served more than 1300 coaches trained and supervised on coaching. As a philanthropist he is leading the “Coaching for The Future” act in which more than 7000 students are being coached. He served more than 100 firms to make cultural changes in the right direction. He has a PhD in “Coaching-Performance Relation” and is an accredited Master Executive Coach.

Ayşe Serpil Dağlı

Founding Member of AC Turkey

Serpil has been serving as a professional coach, trainer and mentor since 2011. She is a founding member of AC Turkey. Serpil, who is a specialist in educational communication, has received training in individual coaching, executive coaching, sales coaching, mentoring and NLP Master accredited training. Many volunteer coaching activities are run under the auspices of the AC. Her aim is to promote the coaching profession correctly and to provide widespread benefits to society and individuals, especially young people. Her passion is to contribute to the raising of original-thinking individuals, whose awareness is heightened through consciousness and questioning.

Banu Uzkut Onuk

Head of Finance

Banu is an AC Accredited Master Coach and AC Accredited Supervisor, ICF-PCC and she is also a specialist in Coaching Proficiency Exam in Turkey. She received her BSc. degree in Industrial Engineering and Master’s degree in International Business Administration. She has worked for fourteen years for Henkel International, as the manager of the Industrial Engineering Department.

Having been educated in both eastern and western schools, Banu is one of the very few holistic life, executive family coaches and coach master instructors capable of successfully synthesizing modern knowledge with timeless wisdom. She is the founder member of the European Women’s Management Development Turkey, writer for a magazine, author of three books, and continues to write articles on coaching.

Berna Gönülalan


Berna, PCC, has been providing professional coaching services to corporate members, individuals, adults and children for 4 years. She has completed the training for Team Coaching, Student Coaching, Memory Techniques, Family Counseling, NLP, Marmara University Assessment and Evaluation for Children, Helen Doron Teaching Techniques for Babies and Children (from three years up to twelve years old), and Helen Doron Story Telling. Working as a Manager in various multinational companies and as a Training Coordinator in one of the main kindergarten chains (42 branches) in the education sector in Turkey, enabled her to combine all these experiences to improve her coaching skills. Recently, she has been focusing on schools and their learning methods.

Ceren Ertem Cimen

AC Ankara Coordinator

Ceren Ertem has been an HR professional for 15 years in the retailing, automotive and mining sectors. She is the Head of Human Resources and Corporate Communication in a Koç Holding company, Demir Export. She has implemented various projects in relation to talent management, engagement, compensation and benefits, training and development, and social responsibility. She is a certified and volunteer coach and mentor and has roles within the company and also within social responsibility projects. She is a board member of PERYÖN Middle Anatolia Branch (Human Management NGO) and also the Ankara Coordinator of the Association for Coaching. She is also a trainer of social gender equality and implemented social responsibility projects like “Filizlerin Mucizeleri” (Miracles of Sprouts) and “Hayallerimizi Kodluyoruz“ (We are Coding our Dreams) during her career.

Elçin Ünlü

Elçin Ünlü has bachelors degrees in Child Development and Business Administration and a masters degree in Educational Administration.

She began her career in the health sector and continued in manufacturing, as a Purchasing Specialist in Henkel. She has participated in various domestic and international projects during this period. After she started her career in training and coaching, she undertook studies in children and family relationships and attended training programs in the Netherlands, Germany and England throughout 2008.

Elçin has pedagogical training. She has specialised in the field of personal development within the educational sectors of Leadership, NLP, Coaching, Train the Trainer and Communication and she has a masters in coaching.

Funda Ant

Transformation & Development, University Students

Funda is the Training Director of the coaching and training company “House of Human” in Turkey.

Over her 15 years of professional business life, she has worked across sales and marketing departments within the pharmaceutical industry. With the awareness that ‘A person is the product of his/her choices’ she has chosen to specialise in coaching and has been sharing the values she follows, believing in coaching ethics and the power of teamwork over the last 9 years, using her broad experience in training.

She wholeheartedly supports the development and transformation of people and works with coaches to raise awareness among university students as a member of AC Turkey Team.

Fatma Gökçe Pinar

Head of Marketing & Communications

Gökçe Pinar is a Team, Executive & Life Coach. She has the MCC certification from ICF, and she is an Accredited Coach Supervisor of the Association for Coaching. Fatma is a sociologist and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, Labour Economics and Industrial Relations.

She has a record of 2780 hours of client coaching hours experience, 5600 hours of coaching training, and 580 hours of mentoring and supervision to coaches.

Gökçe Pınar is also the CEO of Anka Koçluk, one of the leaders of Coaching Training in Turkey and the first Authorised Certification Body by the Turkish Authorities for organising the exams for the coaches who want to gain Professional Coach Certification in Turkey.

Günay Özarın Öztürk

Head of Talent & Engagement

Günay is a coach, mentor, supervisor, teacher and storyteller. She is an AC and ICF accredited coach. She has experience working across different cultures and educational systems. In coaching she specialises in helping school administration officers, teachers, parents and students to find their way toward success, meaning and a far greater self-contribution to life with their stories. She trains new coaches towards their accreditations. She has her own program called “Coaching in Education”. She is an author and a lecturer in a university. She also has a consultancy firm helping to change the culture in firms via storytelling and coaching. As Head of Talent and Engagement for the AC Turkey team she supports social responsibility projects worldwide. She will be a host in supervision ACSGE calls and AC accreditation assessor.

Ilgin Tekeli Subaşı

AC İzmir Coordinator

Ilgin Tekeli Subasi currently acts as the Regional Coordinator of AC Turkey in Izmir. She has been part of the Human Resources training department for many years and also serves as a professional career-coach and mentor. At the same time, she manages and organises various social responsibility projects within this field of interest. Ilgin, in particular, focuses on helping young people and women to achieve their dream future by assisting them in outlining their path and developing them through coaching and mentoring practices.

Mehmet Kutsal Köse

Head of Membership

Kutsal is Head of Membership and co-founder of the Association for Coaching in Turkey. As an accredited Supervisor, Executive & Life Coach, Mentor, Trainer, Facilitator, Moderator and Speaker, and has worked with more than 50 companies and 5000 people. He is an electronics engineer.

Certifications and programs Kutsal has attended include: Association for Coaching Supervisor, Association for Coaching RLAC Certification Leader, Heal Your Life Workshop Leader and Coach, ICF-PCC, Life Coaching, NLP Master, Quantum, ICF - Dale Carnegie Business Coaching & Mentoring, Dale Carnegie Course for Trainers, Action USA - Master & Professional Coaching, and Executive & Small Business Sales Coaching.

He expresses his philosophy of life as love, respect and responsibility. He is engaged in personal development, theatre, music, yoga, dance and nature sports.

Meltem Ulu Yavuz

Head of Standards & Accreditation

Meltem is the AC's Head of Standards & Accreditation, Turkey. Her primary focus is introducing the AC's accreditation processes and increasing the number of AC accredited coaches in Turkey. She is an AC Accredited Master Executive Coach, AC Accredited Coaching Supervisor, Team Coach, Trainer, NVC Facilitator, Great Place To Work Turkey Partner, and Consultant.

Meltem has a professional background in Management Engineering, Human Resources Management and Organisational Change Projects.

She is the owner and dean of the Aeris Coaching Training School. Much of her work with individuals, leadership teams, executives and her voluntary activities in associations are especially within the context of “developing women”.

Meral Dal

Regional Vice Chair

Meral is the Regional Vice Chair of the Association for Coaching in Turkey and a Supervision Leader.

She has more than 26 years of experience in management, sales, customer relations and communications. She is an AC Accredited Master Coach, AC Accredited Coaching Supervisor, Trainer and founder of Gelişim Gezginleri Training.

Meral's focus in the AC is to encourage coaching of individuals and organizations, to organise awareness-raising activities in excellence and quality of coaching, to promote the AC effectively and to provide the highest quality service to members.

Meral’s passion is to mediate the development of people and companies and achieve their desired goals. Through her coaching, mentoring and supervising practice, Meral focuses on developing personal leadership, managerial, and competency-based skills to help individuals and coaches discover their potential, barriers to their performance, and to create a personal development roadmap.

Nuri Murat Avcı

Co-founder & CEO of BUBA Campus & HoH Coaching & Mentoring Platform

Murat is the Co-Founder and CEO of the BUBA Campus. The BUBA Campus is a new generation acceleration and incubation centre for startups.

He is also Co-founder of House of Human Coaching & Mentoring Platform. House of Human is one of the biggest coaching school in Turkey which is accredited by the Association for Coaching (AC) & International Coach Federation (ICF). 1500+ coaches have so far graduated from this school. The House of Human is also involved in and supports Fortune 500 firms’ (mostly top 50) leadership development, human resource counselling, loyalty, engagement and happiness counselling, and C level coaching activities.

He is the Founder President of the All Entrepreneur and Business Mentors Association (TÜGİM). TÜGİM is the mentoring partner of Garanti Bank BBVA Incubation Center. TÜGİM is also a mentoring partner of Bogazici (Bosphorus) University Technology Transfer Office for the TUBİTAK BIGG Project. He is a local TV program producer about Coaching and Leadership. He is an author of 2 books, “Professional Coaching” and “Life Ocean”.

Ruhan Akin

Head of Operations

Ruhan Akin is the AC's Head of Operations in Turkey and has been part of the AC team since 2015. She is an internationally accredited coach and consultant, team coach and trainer of the Professional Coaching Program. In her 13 year career in the retail sector within international companies, she has a broad experience especially in the fields of Customer Relations, Call Centre Operations, Human Resources and Management, Leadership and Coaching and supported her teams as a coach and trainer. She coaches in the areas of Leadership, Management, Customer Relations, Communication and Personal Development. She is the founder of Armente Training and Consultancy.

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