Coach Accreditation
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Coach Accreditation  Coach Accreditation

The Association for Coaching is committed to championing standards of excellence in the coaching profession. We offer accreditation to our coach members, indicating to potential users of coaching that a coach is working effectively to the comprehensive AC Coaching Competency Framework.

This is what one of our members had to say "....when I looked at various accreditations and memberships, yours was by far the most straightforward and pragmatic, and finding increasingly in the coaching marketplace, that having formal accreditation creates more of a USP, as there are a lot of Coaches out there, qualified and unqualified." - David Crowe, Crowe Associates

Two accreditation options are available, the Executive Coach Scheme for coaches working primarily in an organizational context, and the Coach Scheme for all other coaches. Both schemes offer a progression through four levels of accreditation and are equal in standard. You apply for the level that best matches your current level of experience and capability, with a developmental path through higher levels of accreditation.

AC Coach Accreditation is inclusive – you may apply whatever your background, training and experience. You get the opportunity to benchmark yourself against high professional standards in a rigorous process, where the focus is on accrediting fitness to practise rather than theory and academics.

Please note that Coach Accreditation is only available to Member level and above. If you are an Associate member and would like apply, please contact to upgrade your membership.

Find out more about the levels of AC Coach Accreditation (pdf).

Support is available to help you apply for Coach Accreditation:

  Apply now

For all levels (excluding Foundation Level)
Please contact the Accreditation Office on to request your two ethical dilemma questions before completing your application.

Supporting Documents:

1.       AC Coach Accreditation Overview (pdf)

2.       AC Coach Accreditation Applicant Guide (pdf)

3.       AC Coach Accreditation Applicant Guide – Worked Examples (pdf)

4.       Coaching Supervision Guide (pdf)

5.       Coach Accreditation FAQ (pdf)

6.       AC Coaching Competency Framework (pdf)

7.       The Global Code of Ethics for Coaches, Mentors and Supervisors

Application Documents:

1.        AC Coach Accreditation Application Form

2.       AC Coach Accreditation Client Reference Form

3.        AC Coaching Supervision Report

4.       Coaching Experience Log

For Coach Accreditation renewals and upgrades, please contact  for the relevant application documents.


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