Group Supervision Experience Calls Feedback
Group Supervision Experience Calls Feedback  Group Supervision Experience Calls Feedback

Feedback from ACGSE Participants
“I've found the group supervision calls very helpful, having participated for a number of years. The other coaches' experiences are hugely varied: some work in organisations, others are personal life coaches like myself, running a our own practices. The benefit of the calls for me is to gain different perspectives, both with challenging clients or on-going issues which I encounter as a self-employed coach. One challenge of being a self-employed coach can be a sense of isolation, so for me the telephone supervision sessions afford an opportunity to exchange ideas with other coaches; including the supervisor there can be up to five participants. I have always found everyone on the calls extremely helpful and kind, offering ideas or coaching tools that other coaches may find useful. If you are unsure about joining these calls I'd wholeheartedly recommend you try them because in my experience I've always come away having learned something to improve my own coaching skills.” Glynis Kozma
“I am a freelancer that travels the globe coaching people within many different cultures and contexts.

The calls offer me a place to feel part of a professional community, and more connected with other coaches, through sharing experiences, exchanging ideas and normalising areas of practice.

The supervision hosts really know their stuff, they are amazing professionals. I experience them holding the space beautifully, skilfully handling different levels of experience and practice, valuing and including everyone. I am always impressed by the way they manage the time on the call.

It’s a great opportunity to expand my frame of reference, hear different perspectives and see challenges through the eyes of others.“ Dina Zavrski-Makaric is an executive coach and team facilitator, specialising in development of established and upcoming managers, leaders, and teams. Her extensive career from Europe and AustralAsia make her ideal to support individuals and teams on managing change and transition in complex environments.
"The Group Supervision Experience Calls were one of the reasons that led me to join the Association for Coaching UK in early 2012 – they were called Coach Mentor Supervision Calls at the time..." more

Recent Feedback
"The variety of backgrounds of the participants and the degree of anonymity a telephone call offers really adds to the experience for me. A great way of accessing supervision with a coach supervisor you might otherwise not get to know about."
"As a new member to the AC, I was delighted to learn you offer this. As it was my first group supervision call, I wanted to treat it as a 'taster' both to the AC and group supervision. Having put a toe in the water I feel a lot more confident to share."
"It helped me find new perspectives on my challenges and also learn other unexpected things from other coaches."
"You hear what types of issues and goals other coaches are working on with their clients, and therefore learn from each other in a group setting. It helps to become part of a community and not just coaching on my own. "

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