Choosing a Training Course
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Choose a Training Course Choosing a Training Course

As an independent body, the AC is not in a position to recommend a particular training school, however, please see below some options which may be useful.

Member Search

Visit the Member Search area on our website where you will be able to find a list of members who are:

Tailor your search by using the Country, Location and Accreditation options to ensure you find the right provider which matches your requirements.

What to ask?

We would recommend that you call any providers you are interested in and either ask to speak to a coach who has graduated from there or ask for a free trial coaching session to gain an understanding of the methodology used, and in addition:

  • Check to see if the course is accredited by an independent body such as those members listed with the AC in our Member Search
  • For distance learning courses (online or by phone), ask lots of questions and request to see references or speak to past students
  • Check the coaching qualifications of the instructor, where they trained and what coaching experience they have, and also whether they hold membership of an independent organizing body such as the AC
  • Whether any follow-up support is offered to their graduates once actual coaching commences.

Continuous Professional Development

Finally, another option would be to attend one of the CPD (Continuous Professional Development) events that the AC holds regularly, which would be an opportunity to increase your knowledge and is also an excellent way to network and find out from Coaches about the coach training choices they made. For further details and to book online please visit our Events section.

Becoming a Professional Coach – The Development Path

The journey for a professional practitioner commences with quality training. Please see here for more information on the AC, EMCC and ICF mission to drive the highest standards.

If you would like to become a member of the Association for Coaching, please click here.

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