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3 Book Bundle - Psychometrics (2nd Ed), Diversity (1st Ed), Supervision (1st Ed)

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Psychometrics in Coaching - 2nd Edition by Association for Coaching Edited by Jonathan Passmore

Aimed at coaches, HR practitioners and those interested in self-development, Psychometrics in Coaching draws on world-leading experts from Europe, America and Australia giving it an international flavour for those who coach in different continents.

Diversity in Coaching - 1st Edition by Association for Coaching  Edited by Jonathan Passmore

Diversity in Coaching is written by an international team of coaching professionals who provide guidance on understanding diversity and how coaches can adapt coaching styles and techniques to meet individual needs, local demands, and cultural preferences. The book explores the impact and implication of difference in coaching, providing practical guidance to help coaches respond effectively to issues of diversity.

Supervision in Coaching - 1st Edition by Association for Coaching Edited by Jonathan Passmore

Supervision in Coaching, is part of the successful Association for Coaching series (all published by Kogan Page). It examines how coaches can use a range of professional development tools to improve and develop their coaching. Written by a team of international coaching practitioners, it provides essential guidance on this increasingly key area of coaching practice. The authors provide advice on a range of topics, including: Approaches to supervision, managing ethical dilemmas, the role of regulation and licensing in coaching and the development of accreditation and professional standards.

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