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The Bee Keeper's Guide to Winning Coaching Clients Part Two

Posted By Kevin Oubridge, 28 June 2017

In part one of this blog I explained how we turned things around at Accelerated Success, our coaching practice, with three key fixes for winning more clients: 1) Know who you want to work with, 2) Know how to introduce yourself, and 3) Know how to continue the conversation.

Those three things certainly helped us a lot but, as far as we were concerned they were the easy bit. The hard bit was then to convert the people we met to paying clients. So how did we do that?

4.   Follow up

Sounds obvious but you wouldn’t believe the number of business cards we got and then didn’t contact the person again. I don’t know if we imagined they’d contact us. Anyway, they never did.

So, having used your article, The Top Ten Perils of Beekeeping, to get potential clients’ contact details, follow up with a phone call. The sort of questions we ask here are:

Did any of the top ten perils resonate with you?

Which ones are most relevant?

Any others specific to you and your situation?

Then bring them back to the challenges they face and outcomes they want that you briefly discussed when you first met them. 

5.   Offer them something of value

Towards the end of the conversation, if we think we can help the person we’re talking to, we say something like:

From what you’ve told me, I think you would get value out of a Strategy Session. A Strategy Session is where you get the opportunity to talk through your work situation in more detail.

You’ll get a report on the session and it’s free.

How does that sound to you?

As I write this, it all sounds too simple but it kind of is. We offer potential clients a Strategy Session, from which they get an experience of our coaching and it leaves them wanting more. We then follow the Strategy Session with a report back meeting, where we go through a summary of the discussion and ask them:

Are you in a position to make a decision on whether to go ahead with a full coaching programme?

We’ve tried all sorts of ways to sell our coaching but this approach is by far the most successful.

6.   Have something tangible to offer

At the start of one of our coaching programmes we agree measurable outcomes, the middle is the actual coaching and the end focuses on measuring success. It may feel easier to sell your coaching by the hour or ad hoc, however, our clients love a more formal programme. It’s easier for them to understand how we add value and it also makes it easier for the coaching participant to pick up and maintain momentum, leading to better outcomes at the end.

These final three fixes help us win coaching clients as well as enabling us to win further business from our client companies, meaning we’re not having to chase new connections all the time. They play to our strengths and we enjoy marketing our coaching as much as we enjoy delivering it.

Kevin Oubridge

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