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Because supervision is for life, not just for accreditation...!

Posted By Anne Calleja, 01 July 2017

It’s Monday morning 8.00 am and I am going through information one of my supervisees has sent me in preparation for our call later today…..

I want to take time out to reflect and be prepared for the call, since the supervisee has put a lot of effort into their preparation. It is all paperwork:  coaching logs, CPD, training logs, personal statement and ethics, in readiness to submit for accreditation

And now this takes me back I hear the echo of my supervisor when I was training and putting off completing the paper work for accreditation – his advice was “Just do it!”

I remember the process well. At the time I was reluctant to repeat the experience,  and yet here I am an accredited and registered member of many professional associations.  So much has shifted…

I reflect in the moment on my journey first in business, then as an Executive Coach and latterly as a psychotherapist.  As a Coach I remembered questioning why I would need supervision. Wasn’t supervision for trainees? Was I not old enough and wise enough already?! I smile wryly at that memory, now in the moment…

It was when I embarked on my psychotherapy training that I encountered a different philosophy.  In this field supervision is a compulsory component of accreditation, yet it’s not just to keep you on the straight and narrow. It was for someone impartial to share your dilemmas, crises, emotions and triggers. I remember well the days reaching out to my supervisor when all seemed doom and gloom and wondering whether I would ever get through the non–ending reflection and completion of paperwork,

And now, here I am today at the other end of the ‘tunnel’, helping an experienced coach through their application for accreditation.  It feels so vital to seek support for many aspects – administration, reflective practice, emotional support - as well as bringing client dilemmas, learning more about models and interventions.

We all learn in different ways, I prefer to learn through participative discussion, and then will follow up with reading and putting theory into practice.  So this is a thank you to my long suffering supervisor of 10 years - who has been with me as guide, support, mentor and encouragement…as well as keeping me motivated to complete the paperwork!

I wanted to grasp this moment to share this with you, no matter how & why you start it …. supervision is for life, not just for accreditation!


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Mary van der Heijden, Pro Learning International says...
Posted 04 September 2017
Thank you for you post. As a relative newcomer, I had the same thoughts about supervision and wondered what the purpose was. You have inspired me from your down to earth, practical approach to dig a little deeper and think of next steps. Thank you!
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Lorenza Clifford, Coachange Ltd says...
Posted 29 January 2018
Great post Anne. I have also been through similar points of misunderstanding it, not getting the value of it, getting on with it, then getting it, then getting passionate about it!! Your post really resonated with different stages of the journey.
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