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AC Global Research

Posted By Anne Archer, 01 July 2017

AC Head of Research, Anne Archer, introduces the recently formed Global Research (Advisory and Leadership) Team and outlines its exciting ambitions

The AC continues to develop and grow and has now become truly international. With this growth strategy comes the opportunity to draw on global expertise and perspectives, thereby enhancing practice and the experiences of clients, many of them leaders in a highly complex global economy.  In its commitment to be truly global the AC aims to represent its members and serve coaching in all countries with research evidenced by global participation and collaboration.

The recently formed global research team comprises AC members from around the world with representatives from Australia, Europe, India, South Africa, Canada, China and Japan.  All have an expertise and passion for research and how it can effectively serve our community. As members of a progressive professional body we are committed to developing our virtual community as a relevant and leading global research group, which contributes to coaching and the clients we serve.

To achieve this we are currently creating our global research strategy, allowing it to emerge through dialogue and exploration among the group, with a wider reach through our respective client base. Over the course of 2014/2015 our intention is to build strong links with academic institutions and research partners through networks across the globe. We are currently in the process of identifying and contacting those who we believe can support our dual aims of:

  • Grounded research that has visible/tangible benefits for coaching and our clients
  • Blue sky - innovative, future focussed research that tests our own comprehension, assumptions and boundaries, helping us to visualize how we can then push forward
  • We are currently reviewing coaching related research, both completed and being undertaken – no mean feat!  As a team we are excited by the potential for exploring global organizational leadership: the qualities and the challenges of working and leading in a global context. Blurred boundaries, multiple teams, cultures and connections require leadership coaching, which embraces both opportunities and challenges.

    As a global team, reliant on technology ourselves, we recognise that there is scope and relevance for us to explore our own experience alongside this broader enquiry; particularly as we are uniquely placed to explore this topic from multiple lenses – a key perspective and strength of this group.

    In keeping with the ethos of the AC, we are developing our way of working as a learning and knowledge hub where we can challenge each other and create new understanding through robust peer contact in multiple ways, many of which are virtual.  As we evolve we expect to provide leading-edge forums where we can challenge conventional wisdom and offer contentious insights in equal measure, placing a focus on the global nature of our research, while also including local examples of quality research.

    In short we intend to become known for:

  • World class, credible, replicable research (both global and local perspectives)
  • Member led and country/region specific research
  • Timely and helpful ways of disseminating research findings and application
  • A vibrant, innovative, future focussed research hub
  • Creating and sustaining mutually beneficial global research networks
  • You can read more AC News in our Global Bulletin

    Anne Archer

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