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Ten Top Tips for Virgin Bloggers

Posted By Soraya Shaw, 01 July 2017
Writing a blog is different to writing an article, press release or academic paper. The key difference is the tone in which its written.

It’s much more about your personal thoughts, point of view and insights. It’s about helping the reader to see a different point of view that enhances their learning and deepens their insights into a subject.

A blog style is similar to the voice you would use when writing a personal diary. As it’s written in the first person, you express your personality giving the reader a taste of who you are as if they were getting to know you.

In my experience your blog style will develop the more you write. My tip is to just let your thoughts flow, having the conversation in your head as though you were talking to someone, write it down and then go back and edit if you need to.


Here are a few other tips for writing your blog:



  1. Remember a blog is similar to having a conversation. Try to write the way you would speak as though you were having a chat with a friend.

  2. Find your focus. Who are you talking to? Who’s your audience? What is it you want to share with them?

  3. When writing your content what is going to be useful and unique that your audience will want to hear? What need are you meeting that they will learn from?

  4. Be succinct with your points making it easier for the reader to follow your thoughts and what you are trying to put across.

  5. Keep your language simple and avoid block paragraphs. Long blocks of words are hard for people to digest (research suggests that reading from a screen is more tiring and about 25% slower than reading from paper).

  6. Try using short sentences and paragraphs, bullet points or subheads to illustrate key points making it easier for people to absorb.

  7. Don’t be fazed by a blank piece of paper. Jot your thoughts down and then restructure, as you want.

  8. Be yourself. Once you’ve written your blog read it back out loud to yourself.  Does it flow or does it feel stilted? If you were talking to a friend rather than writing are there any changes you would make?

  9. Have a look at other blogs on-line both in your own field and in others. Are there any ideas or tips you can pick up for your own blog?

  10. Lastly enjoy the process, as blogs are a wonderful way to interact with others in a more informal and personal way! 


Why don’t you read the Association for Coaching's latest blogs and put forward a blog of your own for us to post? You’ll be sharing your knowledge with the AC’s coaching community and helping the readers to learn and deepen their insights. 

Soraya Shaw

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