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It seems that there is no shortage of special causes which deserve a “day” of recognition – and coaching and coaching supervision is no exception.   The week commencing 7th May has been identified as International Coaching Week and within that week, Friday 11th is being heralded as International Coaching Supervision Day. In support of that day we wanted to share with you some of the stories of our AC Members who are Supervisors.


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A day for rapport to come to the fore.

Posted By Lorenza Clifford, Coachange Ltd, 06 July 2018
Updated: 02 April 2019

A day in the life of a coaching supervisor:

When I woke this morning, before I even moved, as every day, I asked myself what I want my story to be today. I spend a moment listening to my own stuff, quietly in my head and taking care of myself. Being consciously aware and taking control of my narrative from the first moment was a take-away from the Acceptance and Commitment training in 2017, which helps me enormously in the work that I do, as well as in my life.

After a quick coffee, I drop my son off in the next village to catch his bus and take the three dogs for our 4km run. I only have one dog normally, but I have 2 holiday dogs to look after just now, so I have chosen a rural spot where we can run across country with no tangling leads to bother with.

Feeding dogs and showering takes me up to 9.15, when I find myself at my desk, thankful for the cool and preparing for a coaching session by phone. My client is an ambitious and clever person, who has just stepped up to become a Director in financial services. He has little previous experience, and so together, we process the work he is facing, the challenges in what is occurring, to help him rise to the occasion. The other role I hold here is to open up the space for him to reflect back and think forward so he can visualise the future and think about how to communicate his story, vision and ideas successfully.

A quick pause to write notes after this work, and a break - during which I say hi to my teenage daughter and hang the washing out. I decided to sort out my coaching log, which I have lapsed on, leaving a gap of a few months. I log coaching, supervision and group sessions, and then go on to track my CPD, training and my own supervision. I try to keep on top of this, and I’m reflecting on how busy it is beginning to feel, thankfully, when I take a call from an ex colleague about a speaking spot at a networking meeting. If we can find a date that works for us both and a subject, it will be fun to return and keep my profile fresh with this group.

I let the dogs out in the garden to lie in the shade, grab lunch and get straight on with the afternoon. Next, I’m host for a Group Supervision Experience Call. This is a volunteer role I’m new to, and I enjoy it enormously. It is clearly is valued by the people who take up this AC member benefit. I’m not sure who learned the most during this call, which was with two coaches, one highly experienced and the other a new coach. I think it may have been me !-) We had a good session together, the rapport clicking and developmental thinking and exploring feeling spacious though we only had one hour.

My next appointment is a supervisee who prefers to work one-to-one, and we have both audio and video on today. She is calling from Canada, where it is still morning. Her coaching work is in helping clients make great career decisions and move toward their future better prepared. She is growing her relatively new business and our conversations have been valuable, with new clients on the horizon. She reports greater clarity about how she is approaching contracting conversations and closing the sales stage in a developmental rather than a business-like way. This smoother transition between the two is helping her rapport with her clients and her confidence. We discuss a client case and reflect on the pace of the work, and how you know you have the right pace for this client.

I do a few admin bits, and pay a bill, and then reflect on the day. I feel that the theme has been all about rapport: getting it, losing it, regaining it, using it, feeling it. I feel unusually at ease with myself for this time of day and smile as I notice that that is also about rapport – being in tune with me. I’m hearing the dogs start to go nuts and I know it is time to greet the family after their day. I’m thankful that I am here in the family space and able to spend time with them before my 3 teens fledge.

Tags:  #rapport #adayinthelife  acceptance and commitment  coaching  group supervision experience calls  rapport  supervision 

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