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Ten questions I'm always asked! by Jeannette Marshall

Posted By AC Administrator, 07 December 2018

Ten questions I’m always asked:

1.     Can I include prior experience from a previous role or experience before I undertook training?

a. Yes, the AC does recognise prior experience, and all can be included provided you can evidence the Organisation, dates you worked with them, whether it was Individual or team coaching and whether it was Executive Coaching; all of which can be entered into the Coaching Experience Log provided for AC Accreditation

2.     I coach within an organisation as part of my role, so does this count as pro-bono coaching as I don’t invoice?

a. This would count towards your paid hours of coaching as it is part of the role for which you are being paid

3.     Does my client need to be a Board Member for it to count as “Executive Coaching”?

a. For the purpose of the Executive Coach Accreditation Scheme, experience counted as ‘Executive Coaching’ is that where coaching has been undertaken in the context of the coachee’s work. It could be in the context of their role in an organisation (of any size) or role in self-employment. It may include, for example, performance coaching, leadership coaching, career development coaching and business coaching. It is not restricted to senior leaders or executives, coachees at any level can be included. The coaching can be self-commissioned or self-funded or commissioned and/or funded by the employer.

4.     What counts as “Coach training”?

                        a. You can include any training that can be mapped across to the AC Coaching Competency Framework.

            You cannot include:

·        any training which is not specifically focused on developing your coaching skills or knowledge, such as MBTI training and DISC, which should be recorded as CPD

·        Include short learning events which would count as CPD rather than training

·        Double-count CPD activities which you include in the CPD section

5.     I don’t have enough coaching hours to apply for Professional Coach yet, what should I do?

a. The best thing to do is to apply for the level of AC Coach Accreditation that you are currently eligible for and then to upgrade once you have gathered additional experience. You do not have to wait for three years until your application becomes renewable to upgrade; you can do this at any time by submitting further evidence for an Upgrade application (which is less than submitting a full application)

6.     What counts as team or group coaching?

a. When counting hours of coaching experience, team and group coaching may be included under the following criteria:

·  The coaching involves you coaching a team or group with a shared purpose or learning agenda

·  The coaching is in some way directed at the team or group’s capacity to achieve goals, including the capacity to work with others to achieve the desired results 

·  The coaching is distinct from Training: it is not facilitative training, or training in a coaching mode, or training with a coaching focus; it involves minimal or no instructional element

·  Specific one-to-one coaching within a team or group event may be counted as individual coaching, so long as this is not double counted as team or group coaching.’

7.     Can I count hours of coaching if I haven’t received a payment for it?

a. Coaching delivered as part of a service exchange without payment (for example one hour of coaching delivered in exchange for one hour’s marketing consultation) will be counted as paid hours for the purposes of AC Coach Accreditation

8.     I coached my last client three months ago; can they provide me with a reference?

a. Provided the client reference that you submit was from an individual you worked with in the preceding 18 months up to the date of your submission, that will be acceptable.

9.     How do I know if my supervision arrangements meet the requirements for Coach Accreditation?

a. Ensure that you can fulfil the following requirements for supervision by participating in one or more of the following:

·        One-to-one Coaching Supervisor to Coach

·        One-to-one peer coaching supervision

·        Group coaching supervision

·        Peer group coaching supervision

10. What is Group Supervision?

a. In addition to one-to-one supervision, you can choose to work with several coaches together with a Coaching Supervisor in a group supervision arrangement. In this arrangement, the Coaching Supervisor maintains responsibility for the group and leads the group, ensuring each coach receives effective supervision.
Group supervision can be face-to-face and/or by telephone/video conference such as Skype.
In Group Supervision, the permissible hours you can record as supervision are as follows: the time when you are actively presenting and receiving feedback on your coaching work, plus any time when you are actively listening to and giving feedback to a fellow supervisee on their coaching work.

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