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A Day In The Life Of A Coaching Supervisor

Posted By Elaine Patterson, 01 July 2017

I notice that my days ebb and flow to a natural energy and rhythm. …. A waxing and a waning….

…. An intentional series of shorter and longer reflective cycles with their stops, retreats and returns which has now become the hallmark of my life and practice …. 

I also notice that no one day is the same.. I love the variety … I always try to offer myself the space and spaciousness I hope I offer to my clients. 

But in saying that I always try to attend to my four touchstones which never fail to inspire, support, resource and sustain me … and without which I feel the poorer…and the day less balanced or fulfilling… 

I always know when my energy is dipping… when my brain starts to clog, when my heart starts to close, when my shoulders start to ache. And I also know that this is when I need to pause to reflect to re-open my mind, my heart and my senses. I have got braver at knowing when to stop.

Sometimes practically, it is not always possible to invite all four touchstones into my life every day. But over a week I seek their balance. I also find that they provide a speedy self-diagnosis for when I start to wobble…and become less of the person I want to be… 

My touchstones are:

1. Making Connections

2. Finding Inspirations

3. Taking Action


4. Making Space For Me 

Taking each in turn:

1. Making Connections

Each day I need to reach out to make connections with people, ideas, trends, and / or with nature. These connections ground me, and my work. They provide a home and put a context around me...

2. Finding Inspirations

Each day I need to feed my heart and my soul. I need to feed off quotes, ideas, nature, poetry, art and drama to inspire me, to keep me open, to see different perspectives, to get me out of myself, to see a bigger picture, to be alive….

3. Taking Action

Taking action, making a contribution, making a difference is fundamental to me. I enjoy my peace and solitude but I know I am always called to act (hopefully wisely and creatively) in some way in service of something bigger than myself. 


4. Making Space For Me

Attending to my own self-care is foundational for me. Life is busy. Our daughter is disabled. I know from bitter experience that if short change my reflective practices – my Nordic walking circuit, my meditation or my journaling practices – or if I short change my self care with a lack of rest, sleep or balancing massages I notice I get tired and grumpy

So how does all of this translate ….??

I love mornings! 

My week days start at 6.00am with getting my daughter to school on her school bus. Then a Nordic walk round the local fields to get out into the fresh air come rain or shine. This is my thinking time and the exercise sets me up for day. 

The drive home sees me setting my priorities for the day. 

At home as the cafetaire brews I start to write, doodle or draw in my journal. 

Then onto the WORK of coaching or supervising clients on Skype or in London; to answering calls and emails... 

At lunchtime I like to stop and to meditate. I pause for breathe.  I have a great tape, which works every time. Sometimes I sleep. Then I return to more of the same feeling refreshed. 

The late afternoon sees me slowing down, searching for inspirations, journaling or writing .... and finding time for family and friends. I ban the computer in our house at 8.00pm….I feel that the constant distraction of the screen stops us from being present to ourselves, to others and to the wonderful life around us..

Elaine Patterson

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